Within a use case scenario of an established research problem, we show that gist detection in the form of concept ranking is useful for downstream tasks such as multimedia indexing, in that it outperforms shallow and deep approaches. Thus, a more sophisticated mechanism for annotating objects is required. The rules storage may be implemented by a database server in the database tier. Validation, rejection, and modification of automatically generated document annotations. Additionally, the caption contains useful hints especially for non-literal pairs.

Thus, the degree of influence is very high. It thus performs a useful function for system integration. Towards more accurate statistical profiling of deployed schema. In general, object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm that uses objects to design applications and computer programs. The software component includes business logic , object instances , and a component API

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Otto-Johannsen-Price for best Master’s thesis in business informatics, University of Reutlingen, disserttation The subject, predicate, and object may be either constants or XPath expressions as well. An approach to correction of erroneous links in knowledge graphs.

InIUI However, many real-world problems suffer from the non-existence of such a mapping. RDF triples to be used for annotation. Computer system can dissergation and receive information, including messages jeiko other interface actions, through the network interface to an Intranet or the Internet If a rule’s body is fulfilled, the corresponding triples from the head are generated, which in most cases requires more calls to the object inspector component for filling in the variable parts.


As the examples above illustrate, a static approach relying on a 1: The annotated software object corresponds to the software object as annotated by the annotation document.

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Gathering alternative surface forms for DBpedia entities. Second, the annotation engine component may process the object in a non-intrusive manner with regard to the software component Annotating disseftation means providing universally understandable information about the object, e. The method of claim 1wherein the plurality of rules comprise a plurality of conditions and expressions used to test the software object.

One example is shown in FIG.

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Similarly to using one class for several ontological categories, one relation or attribute in the class model may have different corresponding relations in the ontology. The resource identifier is unique to, and is unambiguous for, the object Machine Learning, Furthermore, we show in an end-to-end setting the feasibility of state-of-the-art methods combined with our gist-detection pipeline and point to future research directions.

Second, it is non-intrusive, thus the underlying class model does not need to be changed. The class model may also contain classes that do not have any corresponding category in the shared conceptualization, and therefore not in the ontology either.

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Other pieces of software can access the object only by calling its functions and procedures that have disesrtation allowed to be called by outsiders. The embodiment of FIG.


heiko paulheim dissertation

InWhat will the Semantic Web look like 10 years from now? The following examples illustrate such mismatches. The class model shows the name of the class in its upper part and the attributes of the class in its lower part, using the UML notation.

Extending Tables with Data from over a Million Websites.

What is claimed is: Requirements for a scalable multi-source forest health monitoring network based on data science approaches. Ensembles of recurrent neural networks for robust time series forecasting.

This RDF document is then attached to the objectso the object is semantically annotated as the annotated object In some systems, bus may be divided into multiple specialized buses. How much is a triple?

heiko paulheim dissertation

For example, consider the objects instantiated as the instantiated objects by the component As a result, annotated software objects may be generated in a dynamic, non-intrusive manner. More specifically, system integration is a common software engineering task.

In the following description, for purposes of explanation, numerous examples and specific details are set forth in order to provide a thorough understanding of the present invention.

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