Hello, thank you for your helpful information. Read a short paragraph or 2 and answer simple questions. Or, possibly CNAs or anyone else with a slight medical background. Dec 28, by katrinad. I ordered the Evolve admission Assessment review book, and Fundamentals success: Jan 9, by rleah, CNA.

Thank you so much for this information! More information about text formats. So should i just leave that? You have excellent scores.. If you have any other questions, just let me know: Sign in with Facebook.

There were several questions where I felt that there could be two answers of equal ceitical. The only conversions I had were gallons to cups, ounces to cups, and ounces to pints. Analysis of Data Addresses the need to interpret patient data correctly, and decide if further nursing action is required. Also, make mental note of the “HESI Hint” boxes in each section–for some reason I found a lot of this information really helpful on the actual test. It has been a huge relief ;u.

I just a had a quick question of any of y’all happen to know. Thank you and Tuinking gonna keep checking back up on this thread for more information: This method is also better than relying on “mental math” if you don’t have to. I had about 5 word problems that required you to fill in the blank. Edited Jan 4, by CN adding info. It says five sub-categories, but it only details four. Hey I live in Houston, have you taken the exam yet? Edited Jan 4, by CN Adding info.


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Or sign in with one of these services. Thinling, for the question about the thinkinb who wanted to meet the nurse for coffee to discuss the physician, I chose to “explain professional boundries”–not everything the patient wants is acceptable: I’ve gone to Quizlet but find that they don’t really help show me the layout of the test so I’m not sure it’ll help me.

I believe some were on the different systems The information I received with my CT scores follows: I forgot to answer some question. Even though you don’t get credit for showing your work, writing out each step prevents small errors and wrong answers!

Hesi A2 V 1 With Critical Thinking Exam – 865330

For example, if I need to change bed linens for a patient, and the floor was out of linens, I would take them off of an unused bed. I took the test yesterday was SO nervous, but I did really well Regarding the question in the pharmacy while off-dutyI chose to refuse to offer medical advice because I’m not a doctor.

hesi a2 critical thinking allnurses

Prev 1 2 Next. I found the section to be slightly frustrating at times. I’ve noticed some posters are surprised when the review questions don’t show up verbatim on the test.


Jan 4, by meemersworth. Good luck to all future HESI testers! The terminology was super general everyday words nothing like NPO! Was everyone given paper and pencil? By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

I ordered the Evolve admission Assessment review book, and Fundamentals success: This portion is actually pretty easy also. I found the book op is talking about at my own public library on hold so I had to buy it but I found both the 2nd and 3rd edition at my college library.

hesi a2 critical thinking allnurses

I really couldn’t find anything useful in easing my unease about that part of the test, so I thought I might post something to help others who take the HESI with the CT section.

I took my test at a prometic testing site. These questions refer to situations in which the nurse seeks to resolve conflicts or disagreements by considering multiple points of view.

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