Also, be able to make inferences about the reading selection. Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this page. I really hope you take what I wrote into consideration and prepare!!! According to Elsevier, the critical thinking section is explained as such:. For those who studied out of that book, are there sections I should focus on more? Thanks for much for the tips.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Thanks for calming my nerves Sign in with Facebook. I don’t have a set day, but I would like to take it in the next couple of months once I feel prepared. But, no one from the previous years or testing sections for this year mentioned it.

Before taking this test I searched everywhere to try and find out what the critical thinking section would be like.

A course crltical applying critical thinking to test taking Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google. Quizlet has A LOT of resources.

My HESI A2, Critical Thinking Result

I really couldn’t find anything useful in easing my unease about that part of the test, so I thought I might post something to help others who take the HESI with the CT section. I’m not completely sure myself.

The study guide will most definitely show you everything you need to know for this section Critical Thinking: Edited Jan 4, by CN adding info.


There was also a lot of word problems which I’m horrible with The regular adding, subtracting of whole numbers and decimals was easy because they provide a calculator on the test.

hesi a2 critical thinking allnurses

Ehsi I was in the middle of changing a dressing for a home health patient, and another patient called, I’d silence the call until I was done; however, if I was at dinner with friends, and I was on-call, I’d leave the table to take a call. Thank you so much GamerGirL, that helps a whole lot.

Hesi A2 Critical Thinking – HESI Entrance Exam / Exit Exam Help – allnurses

They have a lot of great information on there. Best test prep for the MATH section: Thanks for much for the tips. Complete all the practice problems after each section as well as the larger battery of math questions at the end of the book. Test preparation was the key to uesi a good composite score, so I thought I’d share my test prep tips. Hope this will help future test takers!

My HESI A2, Critical Thinking Result | The RN Log

I believe some were on the different systems A course review applying critical thinking to test taking. Edited Jul 31, by Ann This was VERY helpful! If you are a fast learner, then about 2 weeks should be good enough! On most questions, you can do choice of elimination. That’s all I can really remember. You can’t really study for this section.


The questions in the study guide are the same type of questions on the exam for the math, reading, vocab, and grammar. Did you just study the quizlet and topics that she had mentioned or did you expand on that a lot more?

I found the book op is talking about at my own public library on hold so I had to buy it but I found critcal the 2nd and 3rd edition at my college library.

hesi a2 critical thinking allnurses

I took the test yesterday was SO nervous, but I did really well Jan 5, by meemersworth. The critical thinking was set up like this: Jul 31, by Ann I take mine in October and was really freaking out! What system is responsible for carrying nutrients?

Sign in with Facebook. Problem Solving Refers to the process of inquiry in which the nurse seeks multiple facts to remove obstacles or resolve patient care problems 2. Mostly all the math questions were ratios and adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying mixed numbers plus regular fractions.

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