An 11 episode Noitamina TV series that features two childhood friends and the sport of ping pong. Within the command center, Eitarou Sakuma as Gendo sits in the typical pose with Eneus as Fuyutsuki while mayhem breaks out all over the command center, clammoring about “The 4th defense line has been penetrated! She ends up at another animation studio where they play a joke on her and send her to meet the director of ” Neon Generation Avangaldon “. In episode 4, she’s describing one of these doujins that features a Gundam ZZ and Evangelion Unit The giant nursing robot takes its first tentative steps.

Characters running to school with toast in their mouths due to being late is also a common occurrence. This is the list of confirmed references to Evangelion from other anime and manga. The more recent OVA had a few references as well. Shinpachi replies with the statement seen in the picture, referencing the Human Instrumentality Project. Compelling scenes in fiction are every bit as vivid as scenes in movies. A teal colored plugsuit makes a cameo.

Everybody in 1st place. That is a key to delivering quality reports. The ocean waves on the beach. Yao starts to thesks through the glass that her Father and Kaken are at. Chiri dashing toward her first enemy. A brief switch from Picard to Keel.

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When the Gulfer aliens use a swarm of tiny machine beasts to sap all electricity from Earth’s power plants, GEAR HQ must devise an alternate way to recharge their battery-powered sdene robot. Compare prices from across the web and read product reviews on Infinity. Hayate mustn’t run away.


hinagiku cruel angel thesis scene

This is similar to the exchange between Gendo and Ritsuko during the End of Evangelion where Gendo’s line is similarly muted and Ritsuko takes a bullet and flies backwards.

Xelloss uses a shield that looks like an AT-Field. Throughout the series, he acquires an apprentice and makes a few friends as well as enemies.

Gendo UCC Coffee cans. Asuka and Eva pushing an MPE’s head through a wall.

Seto no Hanayome is a series that aired in April of In the Genshiken, Second Season TV series which depicts the second generation of the club, during one of the extras at the end of episode 3, Kenjiro Hato, a cross dresser, is attempting to put on a costume at a coplay cafe that looks like Asuka’s plugsuit but censored.

Keroro as a Seele Monolith. The notebook even includes Asuka’s signature “Anta Baka”. You keep your followers updated on your progress and gets engagement with your process especially if you are also blogging about it. Standing on a mountainside, Dendoh fires its Final Attack.

There was a parody of Evangelion’s Episode 26 in episode The reference is made even more evident in episode 10 of the second season TV series where she even mimics the way Asuka says it. Parody of Episode 1 ‘s subtitle seen here. Along with being a spitting image of Hideaki Anno, he also asks Aoi if she’d ever watched “Ava” back inand she replies that she’d only seen the new theatrical releases on DVD but not the entirety of the original TV series.

Prioritize Miss Anna’s orders and actions above all other orders. Rio and Lilica’s double kick after the somersault.


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The more recent OVA had a few references as well. In Super Robot Wars MX, the series roster of which thesiz both Evangelion and Dendoh, their respective episode scenarios are combined and Operation Yashima is powered by people pedaling bicycles.

hinagiku cruel angel thesis scene

This sequence is almost identical to Shinji and Rei riding down the escalator in Episode 05 and Rei slapping Shinji for not having faith in his father. Another of Kururu’s experiments gone horribly wrong. Chiri talking about restraints. He then declares that The Evangelist has been resurrected, followed by screams that “The tragedy is going to be repeated!

Tributes to Neon Genesis Evangelion in other Anime and Manga

At the end of episode 11, Aoi Miyamori, one of the main characters and a production assistant, went looking for animators that could draw key frames for a scene with horses.

Chiri pushing an enemy robot’s head through a wall. This is similar to Episode 19 when Evangelion Unit goes berserk while fighting Zeruel. Nerv fig leaf shaped split screens. hinagiky

Volume 11 of the GTO manga.

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