Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies. Recent Post by Page. Admissions Strategies Last Satu Master of Architecture MArch. Master of Science in Construction Project Management.

The collaborative researches come in the wake of the last three decades of rapid industrial development and urbanisation in the Chinese mainland. International Eureka Contest of Brussels Innova This breakthrough thus provides engineers with greater convenience in the application context of microtunneling and pipe jacking based on the integration of automated data collection with real time computing. Fabrication and Material Technologies Lab. Bachelor of Arts in Conservation.

hkis dissertation award

For route search, once the user selects the origin and destination via keywords, pull-down menu or map-routingthe system will provide a range of possible public transport routes, with optional sorting by fare, journey time and preferred transportation mode.

Ozone in the lower part of the atmosphere influences air quality, ecosystems, and climate.

REC students win the HKIS – Dissertation Award | HKU Faculty of Architecture

Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning. This project was undertaken by Prof. About Publications Projects People. The winners were selected by a panel of judges comprised of senior members from both academia and industry. They thought the system is simple and user-friendly. In this talk, Cindia discussed the types and characteristics of different sub-contractual arrangement. Featured Alumni Alumni Update.


They also shared their field testing results and dissretation cooperation opportunities with the many managers and engineers from industry and the utility companies who were present at the event. They were also thankful to Morgan Stanley for their valuable support, without which they could not have participated in the event.

REC students win the HKIS – Dissertation Award 2012

Previous Post Next Post. Dissertaation International Conference on Sustainable Urbanization. Their professional growth will definitely strengthen the quantity surveying profession in the future.

Bachelor of Housing Management. In recent years, he focuses on the technology for building inspection, especially non-destructive tests on concrete. Centre for Chinese Architecture and Urbanism.

The long-standing International Eureka Contest has put together some inventions from more than 30 countries and territories this year.

Through wireless data communication and computer visualization, TunnelingGSV visualizes the underground working environment in real-time 3D computer graphics, supplemented with the use of Internet technology to enhance communication.

It is the principal pollutant in photochemical smog in Hong Kong and in other major cities around the world.

HKIS Outstanding Final Year Dissertation Award 2011

Master of Architecture Design. Master of Landscape Architecture. Xu Head of CSE. In fact this equipment has been used for research and supporting activities related to the Sichuan Earthquake relief and re-construction of earthquake stricken areas.


hkis dissertation award

Congratulations to all newly-qualified and fellow members for their achievements. Issue 5 – March Back to Main Eng. The equipment can also be used in applied research in respect of the needs of the local surveying and mapping related professions.

Sections of this page. Master of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning.

About People Partner Projects Courses. Albert Chan, Head of BRE, a number of anti-heat stress research projects scooped up several local and international awards over the past years. There were over 20 awards to pay tribute to various departments and staff for their contributions in the Financial Year.

Department of Building and Real Estate (BRE)

Introduction Programme of Study Admissions. Eco-cities and the Chinese Dream: Those interested in the project are invited to visit this website: About Projects Events People. About volunteers from all over the world participated in this event for the rebuilding in Sichuan.

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