American teenagers are allowed to drive at the age of 16 whereas the French must be The strange machine Read the text. Find information about an exceptional person. Meg and Ryan never buy bracelets, they make them …. How much does it pay? He can pay for his own expenses.

Look at the time capsule below. Send it to Jim Hendrics, an international book editor. The data manager determines the digital workflow and safe backup of all material. Have a look yourself. Report to the class and give your opinion on J. Who gave that book to Thomas?

homework anglais 3eme

It is dead posh. They share the same interests and they have a strict code of membership. N Because hoework had to pay for her car.

homework anglais 3eme

Write a summary of what you have learnt from the report. She wanted to save money to buy a car. Look at the documents for one minute and present them to the class.

My mum said they were rude but I liked their cute accent and their style. Go to Computer workshop Unit 2 p. Aya Tissot – p.


She cleans and washes dishes. Explain how the main character felt that day. Listen and say why he is extraordinary. They love singing and dancing. Have a good luck! Think about a historic event that you would like homeork speak about. What message is conveyed in each photograph? Unit 4 – Escaping.

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But in the extract we watched from the series GLEEcliques actually exist! Explain what this new style expresses. Do they have the same opinions? Look at the poster.

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My sister is more tall than me. Symbolab — Math solver Symbolab 1. You know, after all, Jonathan … actually decide to join our team. After my studies I would like work in environmental protection, specially in marine areas preservation. Find information about the person she describes. But there ………………… to be a way to stay homewofk I’m a F rench student and I anglaie a homework: Afterthesecondworldwar,she was sent to Palestine, Vietnam, and Algeria.


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Step C t c 1 Individual work: I really became an artist ohmework I started I really became an artist when I started to wnglais myself, I mean when I accepted who to be myself, I mean when I accepted who I really am, a provocative—somebody that I really am, a provocative—somebody that does things for attention.

Conduct a survey in your class: The formulas produce numbers. Amish people form a community that lives in America but refuses modernity.

Meg and Ryan never buy bracelets, they make them ….

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