The solutions are real numbers. This is equal to the area of the garden. Ask them to explain how they came up with the equation that represents the area of the shaded region and the length and width of the figure. Assessment Expressing understanding of quadratic equations, quadratic inequalities, and rational algebraic equations and their solutions or roots Expressing understanding on finding solutions of quadratic equations, quadratic inequalities, and rational algebraic equations Assessment Matrix Summative Test Levels of How will I What will I assess? Let them find the solutions of three different quadratic equations in as many ways as they can. Sorgenfrey and William L.

Edna and Luisa are both correct. Tuition is due no later than the s. Write the letter that you think is the best answer to each question on a sheet of paper. Tell them to explain how they used the quadratic formula in finding the solutions to the quadratic equations. Does It Illustrate Me? Am I a Solution or Not?

Ask the students to perform Activity 4. Algebra 2 and Trigonometry.

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Gregorio did not arrive at the correct solutions. Let them think of the different strategies to answer the problem and to justify their claim. You can ask the students to work individually or in group. Let the students work on Activity 5. At this point, however, there is still no need to present solving quadratic equations by extracting square roots.


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Moreover, it can help make your writing more compelling, richer, and more realistic. Provide them with lesskn opportunity to relate or connect their responses in the activities given to their lesson, solving problems involving quadratic equations. Guide the students to do the activity.

Let them explain how they came up with the roots of each equation. March 24, Before the students move on to the next section of this lesson, give a short test formative test to find out how well they understood the lesson. In what year was the average weekly income of an employee equal to Php2, Let the wizare think deeply and homeworj further their understanding of the applications of quadratic equations by doing Activity 5.

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Take the ones that seem right for you. Graph a quadratic function and determine the Graphs of Quadratic following: Answer Key 1 2 1. Provide them with opportunities to think deeply and test further their understanding of solving these kinds of equations by doing Activity 8.

homework wizard w2 lesson 60

Let the students use the mathematical ideas involved in determining the nature of roots of quadratic equations and the examples presented in the preceding section to answer the succeeding activities. In Activity 1, the students will be asked to solve linear equations and quadratic equations that can be solved by extracting square roots.

Solve problems involving quadratic inequalities. Tell the students that as they go through this lesson, they have to think of this important question: Analyzing homeworj effects of variables a, b and c in the graph of a quadratic function in general form.


To sum up, in all the lessons in this module, the students are given the opportunity to use their prior knowledge and skills in learning quadratic functions. Learn to Solve Quadratic Equations!!! March 24, Let the students work in pairs on Activity 8. A ball is thrown from an initial height of 1. Ask them to perform Activity 1. They will differentiate quadratic function from linear or other functions. Illustrative examples will be presented. To form the box, a square of side 5 cm will be removed from each corner of the cardboard.

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This will help you in teaching this lesson. Greet students at the door with a Hi-Five and instruct them to look for their seat. Solve by Using the Quadratic Equation Lessons. The area of the remaining cardboard was 60 cm2. There is no one-size-fits-all consequence, although there are a few general categories that can help us consider effective implementation of logical consequences.

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