An application is complete only when all components have been submitted: Students are encouraged to present their work at the Student Research Conference, held in the Davis Center in the spring. Spring Informational Meeting: Departmental Honors Many of the College of Arts and Sciences departments have opportunities for their majors to achieve departmental honors. A letter of faculty support may be delivered separately; evidence of home college thesis approval, must be attached. A formal thesis proposal is due to the instructor of NH and the thesis mentor by Week 8 of the spring semester of junior year.

Information for faculty letter of recommendation writers. Both a public presentation open to the University community and an oral defense before the student’s committee of the thesis are required of RSENR students writing the thesis. Students who are seeking financial support for their research projects may apply for funds by submitting an application. Another faculty mentor, typically from the same department as the student’s thesis supervisor. Please contact the Dean’s Office with any questions about this process. Students begin to identify a thesis advisor and develop their proposal in the fall of junior year during enrollment in these courses.

HON is a 1-credit thesis prep course offered in both fall and spring. The thesis project must be completed by a date agreed upon between the mentor, the CNHS faculty of record for NHand the student.

Students may pursue a thesis or creative project. For the DUR Award: Thesis due date Deadlines for thesis submission, approval, and defense vary by department.

Another faculty mentor, typically from the same department as the student’s thesis supervisor. Bachelor’s degrees may be conferred and the diploma inscribed with honors in recognition of general high standing in scholarship.


Timetable for Honors Work

Use Google Maps to calculate miles honosr see the UVM current mileage standards for mileage reimbursement. At least 3 credits of focused and customized pre-thesis work in the form of a readings and research project.

For more fhesis, contact Susan Kasser, ator Susan. Without these approvals, plus all the other parts of your proposal, your application will not be reviewed. A faculty mentor from outside the department in which the thesis was completed, who will serve as chair of the committee. Books, paper, ink, and most computer software and hardware does not usually fall into this category. Students must complete an hour-long oral defense before their 3-person thesis committee.

During the fall of the junior year, students take NHHonors Seminar. CESS students may locate a thesis advisor through discussion of their research interests with their general advisor, or through the research course taken in kvm junior year.

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All students receiving funding must have a designated UVM faculty mentor. Timing of specific thesis progress reports is at the discretion of the student’s advisor and the student’s Honors Thesis Committee, and should be consistent with the approved thesis proposal, as described above.

This course provides advice and guidance in the development and implementation of a thesis project.

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Thesis due date A completed thesis is due no later than the last officially scheduled day of spring classes in the student’s senior year, with an electronic copy submitted to BSAD Honoes Services. The defense is arranged by the student and their advisor. If you don’t know whether this is the case, ask!

More information is available here Thesis proposal: In the senior year, six credits of thesis research are required. The proposal must be approved by the instructor of ENVSand by the student’s jvm advisor.


honors college uvm thesis

HCOL thesis mini grants are designed to cover unusual expenses of the sort that may not normally be incurred over the course of a typical class e. Receive official invitation from Dean’s Office to participate in College Honors program.

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I gained a lot of practice with techniques, such as fluorescent staining, as well as machines such as the cryostat. The proposal is graded, and an Honors student must receive a grade of A- or better on the proposal in order to proceed. The statement should include a general topic area and the name and signature of the faculty member who has agreed to supervise the project. Be as specific about locations and travel needs as possible. The course provides support and a timetable for the execution and completion of the thesis project.

The work was cutting edge; sometimes, she said, it went according to plan, and sometimes it did not. These courses can be taken for variable credit and spread over two semesters.

Sophomore Admission

Notification will be sent to the student’s UVM email address. Additional thesis presentation requirements Students are encouraged to present their work at the Student Research Conference, held in the Davis Center in the spring. The Committee will inform all candidates on acceptance decisions.

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