Consequently the match-making site is hidden unless you create a personal profile and log in. The entry and exit seminars usually takes two days but your are not required to participate all that time. Thus, ensure that you print your confirmation form early so there is time to collect signatures. At least one advisor must have some formal affiliation to JCU. Does any of them have a previous track record as an advisor? Now enrol into the Honours subjects for study period 1 and 2 on eStudent. Click on Search for ongoing or completed projects.

The assessment process with its grading criteria are under revision and may change. Although it does extend graduation from MBBS by one year, it has the advantage of allowing total devotion to a research project. Contact the Honours site coordinators in the site where you will be most of the time when you would do Honours. Please be aware of Lex Daniel: Thus, ensure that you know if your advisors plan a long trip overseas so this does not come as a surprise to you when you need their signatures. Maximum 15 minutes for the presentation followed by minutes of questioning.

The final grading is discussed within the CMD Honours committee resulting in a proposal.

Our compiled experience of the potential problems that can occur and how to prevent them has boiled down to: Consequently the match-making site is hidden unless you create a personal profile and log in.

Beware of the deadline for the pre-Honours application.

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The step by step process can be described as: Skip to content Skip to navigation. Hence it is a good idea to start preparations, such as planning of the project and initiating the ethics application, during the year preceding commencement of the Honours program.


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There are also four short student reports mainly consisting of check boxes during different phases of the course. The first session is a full day introductory research seminar.

You will be notified of a decision by e-mail in late December or early January Dates are different if you aim for the one year full time Medical Science Honours.

Submit hohours student report 4. The wrong information has sometimes been given because the person in the other end did not understand that some versions of the Honours program continues after completion of the MBBS studies which is crucial to determine the size of the fee.

Once the pre-Honours application is approved the following will happen: Theoretically one advisor can fulfill all requirements above.

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At least one of them should be member of the CMD academic staff. The third pathway is that you have your own idea and need help to sort out how to realize it. It is important to monitor your JCU e-mail also during all of December-January in case we need to contact you. Cairns, Internal, Study Period 2. If it is accepted proceed with item 5 below. All that is changed and the current routine is that all students with at least a credit in the two preceding years aiming to commence the Honours program in January must submit a pre-Honours application during the year preceding commencement.

honours thesis jcu

So what is the difference between extension and leave? Part of it honouts be paid by your pre-approved honours allowance and parts of it from another accound controlled by your advisor. Students having a credit could do a side-entry application. You theis not need special permission to have one or three advisors. Although it does extend graduation from MBBS by one year, it has the advantage of allowing total devotion to a research project.


The part time version is also suitable for junior doctors commencing up until PGY4. One part time working with Honours during year 5 and after, in total a two year course. The other advisor does not need to have any affiliation with James Cook University and they do not even need to have their work place in Queensland given that they are happy advising you on distance.

The pre-Honours application is eligible on this web site.

honours thesis jcu

Wait for the outcome of your pre-Honours application First await the outcome of your pre-Honours application so you know if your application was accepted or not. Then check which of the top 5 journals found in your own reference list that fulfills the requirements: Seminars and teaching sessions are mandatory.

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Please contact Associate Professor Ronny Gunnarsson if you want more information. Submit honurs pre-Honours application The pre-Honours application must be submitted during the year before commencing the Honours program. The due dates will not be extended. Read the instructions on top carefully.

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