Upload document Create flashcards. Parliamentary Procedure The event guidelines contain a sample problem that includes one or two main motions, with four or five other types of motions to be applied to the main motion in the course of the meeting. The secret topic requires the team to solve a problem. Forensic Medicine The event guidelines contain a sample problem. The Future Starts Now!

Because of this, we were a little disappointed to get fourth, as we had hoped to place in the top three. These questions can be answered in whatever format you like. That was a shock. Thus, I had a small group that could work cooperatively, each adding in their own part to create a greater whole. Public Service Announcement Medical Reading topic is: Prepared Speaking The speech topic is: While we did not continue on to state for which we qualified , this was a welcome experience in competition for me.

Because of this, we were a little disappointed to get fourth, as we had hoped to place in the top three. John McCaw, Apr 1,8: Add to collection s Add to saved. Start the Conversation about Community Mental Health Today, the phrase “to cgeative Pandora’s box” means to perform an action hoxa may seem small or innocuous, but that turns problrm to have significant and far-reaching consequences.

A Month of Health. Government is failing war injured service members The multiple choice questions on the Round One test will assess knowledge of the topic. The event will focus on educating the public about mental health oslving an effort to remove the stigma that currently prevents some people from utilizing available resources. Prob,em, our group is better prepared to lead the coming generation not only in health systems but in all areas of economy, politics, and society. The issue of pharmaceutical companies advertising drugs that may or may not be a superior treatment is enormous in our world today, and has yet to be fully dealt with.


While I do not wish to pursue a career in a health-related profession, health care and health care systems are an integral part of modern society, thus it is crucial that all people have an understanding of current issues and debates.

Finally, our solution to the problem was a well thought out solution, and while it was not what was required of the competition, it was formative in my own opinions on the topic, and likely in the opinions of my teammates.

hosa creative problem solving scenarios

You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. To begin with, I had to pull together a team. This page may be edited to accommodate your activity.

Thus, the opportunity to compete in a field that I greatly enjoy was gladly received. The problem may be related to health care or HOSA.

You will post each reflection for this activity to this page. How is it the same or different from what I planned to do?


HOSA Competition- Creative Problem Solving Team – hhsmccaw

Eagle Project for BSA. Generally, the problem is complex, involving many factors with no clear right or wrong answer.

hosa creative problem solving scenarios

While ethically dubious, this is what was required to win. Hillsboro High School Karaoke Night.

Add this document to saved. Competitive Event Topics National Theme: However, remember that as the length of the project progresses, the reflections should as well.

hosa creative problem solving scenarios

The competitor performs the procedures of the event and is evaluated by a judge or judges. The Future Starts Now!

Competitive Event Topics 2013-14 – Cal-HOSA

These questions can be answered in whatever format you like. What was the value of the activity think globally? What were the learning outcomes for me, the team that I was working with, and others? Add this document to collection s.

Remember to attach your evidence! Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. However, this was a big realization for all of us scenariis we needed to play by the rules to do well, rather than produce the best product. That was a shock.

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