Electrical Line Clearance Management Plan. Playgroup expression of interest. Languages other than English. Building information and history. Request for consideration of claim. A city that cares for its environment. Public Lighting Strategy

Parking locations and fees. Degraves Street Recycling Facility. Draft plans and strategies. African-Australian Community Partnership Project. Code of Conduct and Protocol. Ministerial planning referral register. Queen Street plaza improvements.

Planning and building compliance.

hotham stars homework club

How we can help your business. A Strategy for the Docklands Transport Network. What happens to overdue fines. Hotham Mission Hotham Mission is a faith based non-profit organisation providing targeted, strength based, community support to disadvantaged local people in and around the North Melbourne area.

Applying for a planning permit. Local laws and permits. sttars

Occupation of a road or footpath space. Responsible consumption of alcohol. Public assemblies, demonstrations and rallies. Draft plans and strategies.

hotham stars homework club

Bourke Street Mall incident. Saving energy at home. What your rates pay for.

Hotham Mission

Temporary and mobile food premises. Biodiversity research and monitoring. Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre. Christmas and end of year parties. Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan. Fire, storm water and sewer connections.


Family support and counselling. Information for students and teachers. Contact Phone Number Optional. The History of the City of Melbourne.

Hotham Mission Homework Club

Market infrastructure and car parking. Request for consideration of claim. Nature in the City Strategy. Goal 5 – A knowledge city. A city planning for growth. Goal 6 – A connected city.

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Adapting to climate change. Council and committee meetings. Planning application process overview. Places of public entertainment. Training and learning space.

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