For students which have a disabled enrolment on a module which you made a submission to previously e. Submitting Kaltura Media or other media files to an assignment For students who have been asked to create or upload a video file using Kaltura Media, you first need to access Kaltura Media and upload or create your media file in your My Media area. You should only submit. The file format required should also be detailed in the assignment instructions. To view a receipt, click on the link showing the date and time of the submission. This period may be shorter or longer for some forms of assessment. Where there is a requirement for coursework to be submitted as a hard copy and you submit your coursework by post, you must obtain proof of postage for example, by using Recorded Delivery and note the date and time of postage.

All marks displayed through Blackboard are unconfirmed and before any penalties have been applied. Do not use the Submission or Comments text boxes unless your instructor tells you to do so. No marks can be carried over from one attempt to the next, even if a missed assessments or exceptional removal of marks application has been accepted. For information on penalties see the Guide to assessment rules. This period may be shorter or longer for some forms of assessment.

Where appropriate, your coursework should be marked without the marker being aware who has submitted it. Once you have made your submission, you must verify that it was successful by carrying out both of the following checks: Do not use your name in the filename, and consult our anonymity guidance if you need advice on protecting your courseworm.


All students have a minimum entitlement to assessment feedback on their assessed work. Work cannot be submitted after this coursswork window has passed and a non-submission will be recorded.

Making your real coursework submission

It is your responsibility to submit coursework in a format your instructor accepts. The way in which a module is structured and how individual assessment contributes towards the overall module outcome is outlined in our ‘Passing a module part one’ film. Please note that unconfirmed marks are subject to moderation by the Examination Board, so they may still go up or down.

how to submit coursework uwe

Where can I get further advice on Assessment Policy? If a module has two components the overall mark is calculated from the weighted average of both components. Checking your submission was successful. We strongly recommend that you check your submission has been uploaded successfully by following the guidance on the Checking your submission was successful page.

If you do not receive the e-mail receipt within 24 hours, please ti us. You may submit subkit the assignment as many times as you wish perhaps making an early attempt to familiarise yourself but ONLY the last submission you make will be assessed.

How do I know that I need to submit online?

coursewogk Normally you should get marks and feedback within 20 working days excluding university closure days following the deadline for submission of the assessment. Component weightings are set out in the module specification.

How do I view my mark and feedback? The required file format will usually be Microsoft Word with a file extension of. Are the marks shown in the Coursework tab in Blackboard final?


Online Coursework Submission – UWE Bristol: myUWE Support

Please see our Checking your submission was successful guidance. Return to top Coursework receipt Successful upload If the upload is successful, you will see a screen confirming receipt.

If you have used non-standard software to create your files, your tutor may not uwwe able to open or properly view your submission.

how to submit coursework uwe

This site uses cookies. You have already uploaded: Why are my marks different in Blackboard and myUWE?

Things to be aware of before submitting. Hod to top File size limit There is a 10MB limit on each individual item that you attempt to upload. You should only submit. Where coursework is submitted online this will normally be through the Blackboard virtual learning environment. This period may be shorter or longer for some forms of assessment. Kaltura submissions If you have attached Kaltura content to your submission you will be able to view this on the receipt via the Submission Text.

You specified an illegal file extension. Your marks will suffer if your tutor cannot open or properly view your submission. However, the myUWE Coursework tab will also display couraework where you are expected to submit in hard copy with a downloadable coversheet from myUWE.

how to submit coursework uwe

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