Don’t worry about recognition. Some said its due to their IWSP or also because of the course structures, etc. In the ever changing economy, what employer want is to be able to hire the right person that can do the job with the minimal time spend for the “on-the-job” training. C 6 Combined Humanities: We will travel up north by camper, to Byron Bay and Noosa. I also wonder where is the next recession. Not exactly suitable here.

It seems you and I are among the shortlisted for the interview. These debates are meaningless. You are commenting using your WordPress. Would agree that Kyoji83 is an experienced working adult, but whether he has knowledge on all these areas is questionable. For a start, students from three computing courses – information security, business analytics and data science – will go on the month internships from the end of their second year.

I really got loads of time to spare nowadays.

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Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. Some triggers will be fake reporting discovered, property bubble bursts, democracy revolution, war over SCS, trade war become very big. I got a better understanding of what the work entails and what bacheor are important for work.

Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ.

HWZ vs. UTS or Switzerland vs. Australia

This will serve u well in life. Morgan Singapore, which offered him a permanent job as a technology analyst. Now we can only hope for the best!


Haha all the best! Can’t rmb the exact date of my interview.

hwz bachelor thesis

Studying part-time at HWZ: Don’t understand why he went all these length to bash SIT anyway. Planning is everything When doing group work — Your group starts to work on it at least one month before the due-date We dress up for presentations Difficulties to meet other students from all over Switzerland — Bern is so far from Zurich, 1 hour by train is way to far All students have work experience and you can exchange practical examples in class You have to write a bachelor thesis Studying full-time at UTS: Anecdotally, many students do end up receiving offers at the end of their work stints.

What are your grades though? HardwareZone Abchelor Insider on Facebook. But hey I’m glad I’m not alone waiting desperately for the results. Last edited by Syllabus; at Don’t worry about recognition.

hwz bachelor thesis

It seems you and I are among the shortlisted for the interview. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Moderators are not employees or representatives tbesis HWZ. I assume there is a second interview? In the fourth year, they can take on research and projects that are related to the company’s work. Thanks for the useful info yellow muffins! Then u wait a while and see how high it can go before it bursts lor Then u will see the next big recession.


Whether employer eventually prefer the graduate or not is whole different story. If this bachelof too long and it turns out that I am not accepted, then where should I go? By reading this I got very jealous — would love to have it this way right now: NUS final-year student Luqman B.

hwz bachelor thesis

About the PEB recognition thing, not sure if they will be recognised in time but let’s hope so! Edmwers keep chanting recession coming and property bubble gonna pop for the last decade leh Sent from the future using GAGT. Yes, we are all looking forward to our study break. nachelor

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Why discourage them from getting a degree when SIT is opening doors for people like them? Students’ progress will be monitored by their professors and supervisors in the companies to which they are attached.

Its very hard to describe, if u done a bachelors thesis and learn how to use science framework to judge things, I guess u understand as well.

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