Process optimization – After the model of crude oil stabilization process had been simulated, its optimization was carried out with the aid of the optimizer tool of the same Aspen HYSYS version 8. In addition, safety hazards arising from explosion and increase in the cost of production due to pumping cavitation has pose a great challenge on offshore Floating Production Storage and Off-loading FPSO terminals. Press the green arrow in the menu bar to return to the PFD. Choose Global Rxn Set as Reaction set and close the window. These specifications can result in columns which cannot be converged or that produce product streams with undesirable properties if the column feed conditions change. One is to produce an overhead product that contains no more than 1. You must input the stoichiometry and the conversion of the basis reactant.

In steady state mode, the Separator divides the vessel contents into its constituent vapor and liquid phases. At the end of this chapter, the user will determine the pump outlet temperature when given pump efficiency or vice versa. The stoichiometry tab is now completely defined and appears as shown below. HYSYS has been used for research and development in universities and colleges for many years. This tab allows you to define all the reactions for the flowsheet. Now, let us pretend that this flowsheet represents not an entire process, but merely a section of the plant we wish to model. Open a new case by using one of the following:

Therefore, you need to create this component using Hypothetical. It is good for making a benchmark and watching your progress, as well as giving you a record of which combination of hysgs values gave which results.

hysys simulation case study

At the end casd this chapter, the user was trained to determine the expander outlet temperature when the expansion efficiency was given. Click Basis page, and type 90 for Co for Ethylene as a basis. CSTR Figure 7.


hysys 8.4 case study

Once the reaction set is added studyy the Fluid Package, you can enter the Simulation Environment and begin construction of the simulation. Repeat step 4 to insert all components. Figure Preview the Result using Workbook To preview the result for the simulation: However, environmental constraints exist for the safe and acceptable handling of hydrocarbon fluids and disposal of produced salt water.

To create an energy stream for the pump, click to the space in the Energy, and type work. During an initial setup, the components and the fluids hysyd that will be used will be selected.

From the Tools menu, select Preferences. Model development and process simulation procedure – Operational data for the simulation and optimization of the model were obtained from Usan Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading FPSO terminal.

Close the Setup window by clicking the red X at the top right corner. The units should be in per cent as shown in Figure Note that a total condenser does not count as a stage.

The hot effluent is cooled to -1oC in practice this very large temperature difference can only achieved by direct contact heat exchange, ie a quench system. N2, CO2, C1 – C8. There are several methods for the Expander to solve, depending on what information has been specified.

The above PFD is only an illustration to give you an idea of how you might split up a plant. Of course, you could just agree to only work on the flowsheet when everyone is present and hover over one computer which might actually work well for if your schedules match well enough. Now close this window and go to the PFD window. However, we are here for the button at the bottom.


hysys simulation case study

When entering the conditions for a stream, it is not necessary to enter the values in the default units provided. On the Specs page, click the Add button to create a new specification.

You are also should be to analyze the process property using Case Studies. Hence, if the hydrogen is produced from hydrocarbon or alcohol reforming, purification is required in order to reduce the CO levels to cell requirements.

The conversion of fuels to hydrogen can be carried out by the partial oxidation. Stuy example, typing in water for a Sim Name narrows the list down to a single component.

hysys 8.4 case study

Thus, at the moment the Tables are not really of much use, but it should be fixed in the next upgrade. This is the picture from the example I mention above. Therefore, it has been shown that the developed Aspen HYSYS model of this research work can be used to represent, simulate and optimize a crude oil stabilization system successfully.

At the Conditions page, complete the page as shown in the Figure Click here to sign up. Click the Binary Coeffs tab of the Fluid Package property view. In the Adiabatic Efficiency box on the parameters page, enter

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