However, one or more key points may have been missed. Coursework Guidance – Unit F Benefits of accepting my proposal: Teachers should encourage learners to make as many suggestions as possible. Teachers should ensure that they give equal importance to each strand of the mark scheme knowledge with understanding, skills and analysis, and conclusion and evaluation. Appropriate annotation might include showing where and which Assessment Objectives have been demonstrated in a particular task. Cambridge reserves the right to ask for further samples of Coursework.

If no pattern can be discerned after investigation, these samples may need to be remarked. The marks may be approved, or judged to be either: An example of a witness statement form is included below, although teachers may develop their own template providing that it supplies the above information. Two marks were awarded. The methods chosen are suitable for both the audience and the information being illustrated.

If exeplar pattern can be discerned after investigation, these samples may need to be remarked. Two marks were awarded for the response.

The second disadvantage repeats the idea that the entrepreneur is responsible for all actions.

Igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

The third method identified, radio, was not on its own a method of communication. Mark the Coursework assignment for each candidate according to instructions given in the Syllabus. Note this section should not be chosen by learners working alone. A formal source of support, banks, was identified but the explanation of how they supported enterprise was very unclear. Learners should be encouraged to practise their presentation to ensure that it is fit for the audience chosen and that they are confident in their delivery of the material.


It is likely that learners working as a group will present different views on this. A mark of 14 was therefore awarded.

Analysis of the impact of record keeping was shown through explanations of how the records helped the entrepreneurs to make appropriate decisions and could help to ugcse arguments with customer over debts.

A mark of two was awarded for the demonstration of knowledge.

Coursework Training Handbook (Part 1): Guidance 0454

Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise equips learners with a range of vital life skills for use in planning and organisation, communication and financial management. Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise 25 Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise When evaluating the outcome of the project or activity, teachers should bear in mind that assessment does not focus on how successful the enterprise was, but on how learners have used courseowrk to form the basis of analysis and evaluation regarding the outcome.

Send, with the sample work, instructions given to candidates and information as to how internal moderation was carried out. The enrerprise presented may perhaps be in written note form rather than in the formats requested. In order for a Centre to assess coursework it must register at least one accredited coursework assessor with Cambridge. This should include; production facilities required equipment, materialsstaffing requirements who will be doing whatrisk assessments, timescales for the activity.

Therefore there should be an opportunity to: Coursework Enterpride for Teachers.

IGCSE Enterprise by Phil Woolrich on Prezi

The example provided was not taken from the case study and could therefore not be rewarded. The attempts to explain how these sources of support assisted enterprises were both unclear.


The four components that make up the coursework sample are described in more detail below.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

Introduction In the planning stages of an enterprise it is important to be able to accurately predict the amount of cash that flows into. All the tasks include optional activities for learners to choose from. This section breaks down the process and offers advice or clarification on each step.

A record enterpriss the process may be laid out as shown below, but learners should be enterpris to plan their negotiations in a way that suits their own purpose.

Cambridge igcse enterprise coursework

Although this may be considered to be a disadvantage the candidate did not clearly state why this is a problem. Cambridge Assessment International Education Search.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

This is known as a standardisation or coordination meeting. Both should arrive as soon as possible but no later than the dates specified in the Administrative Guide for Centres. For complaints, use another form. They must record the activities undertaken and monitor how these progressed.

This explanation may be supported by a witness statement such as that provided in Section 2. It is essential that the marks of candidates from different teaching groups within each Centre are moderated internally.

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