Santosh Panjikar Monash University. Tech she worked as a Lecturer at SGI for two years. Sunita Chauhan and Dr. He has a keen interest in working with energy devices and nanomaterials and had ample experience of working in these fields. Currently, we offer Ph. The DAAD portal closes at

Furthermore, he undertook a stint as a trainee on field, under Mr. Studying for the GRE? Apart from studies, he is very interested in singing and playing cricket. One of the outcomes of his MSW research was that he was able to design and run personality development classes for the youth at the Machchimar Nagar fishing community, Mumbai, which enabled these youth to continue with their education and seek attractive alternate careers as well. My research project involves synthesizing a series of nanocatalysts for hydrogen-evolution by water splitting. Ravi Jagadeeshan to do computational studies on polymers in the semi-dilute regime. The project involved tracing the critical connections between sounds and spaces in a modern urban metropolis and recording narratives of entities within their sonic environments.

Sc degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee in with a specialization in Biotechnology.

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Additionally, he had worked as an Associate Engineer Biotechnology at Symphony-teleca corp. In free time Ajit likes to understand the political issues and view of political parties by reading news paper and watching television debate.


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In her leisure time, she loves reading, making artefacts, doodling, journaling, doing street plays and skits. Later a Masters course M. Geophysical signatures of craton-mobile belt interactions: Try our GRE prep free trial! His research interests is in Catalysis Chemistry for the development of sustainable and ecofriendly methodologies for synthesis of important class of bioactive motifs.

He graduated with honours in Apart from studies, he is very interested in singing and playing cricket. He has keen interest in writing short stories, drama plays as well fornat his free time. This is what you have to do: Viswanath obtained his B. Industries Paris, which simulated the transverse cracking phenomenon in Reinforced Concrete members, under tuesis guidance of Prof Panagiotis Kotronis.

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Jean-Michel Redout Monash University. She wishes to extract knowledge out of natural compounds, to find molecules and approaches to formulate eco-friendly nutrients. Andrew Hoadley Monash on Agent-based modeling of multi-scale systems for sustainability assessment. Aman Pandey has completed his MSc. Jayant has completed his B.

iitb phd thesis format

She fully intends to make useful contributions to this phs through her research. At the time of interview, they may ask for following documents:.


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Her area of interest is the subject of Electrochemical energy storage systems, Electrocatalysis in Nanomaterials and Electrochemical sensors. As a part of his M. He enjoys playing violin and also likes photography and playing badminton.

iitb phd thesis format

P J Guruprasad and Prof. His hobbies include Traveling, cooking and badminton.

Prasanna S Gandhi, Dr. His other research interests include cross-cultural differences in decision-making, intra-household bargaining, and experimental economics. She also holds a number of postgraduate diplomas: These should be confidential in sealed envelopes and should be recent-dated.

M University, Kanpur followed by M. He is also interested in Immunology and Molecular biology.

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Small-scale active matter, Intracellular particle dynamics, Smart nano bio sensors. Chris Davies Monash University. Rajeshwari is passionate about teaching and her other research interests include mind- wandering, sleep, mood disorders, autism, learning and memory.

The candidates who do not qualify in the written test need not appear for interview.

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