But Leon convinced their parents to let Prosser take his place instead. The history and visions of African American psychology: Inez Beverly Prosser was only 38 years old when she died, having just completed her doctoral degree the year previous. Prosser’s contributions to the improvement of education for all students can be felt in many policies still being used throughout the teaching community today. She excelled in school from an early age, graduating valedictorian of Yoakum Colored School in Non-academic development of Negro children in mixed and segregated schools.

Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Center for the History of Psychology Teacher, administrator, educational psychologist and academic leader, Inez Beverly Prosser made a mark in education in the s. She was killed in a car accident a short time after earning her doctorate. The History of Brown v. She even encouraged her own siblings in their education, with all eleven of them graduating from high school and six earning college degrees. Black women scientists in the United States. All tests covered the same subject areas and difficulty levels as well as comparable numbers of factual and reasoning questions.

Inez Beverly Prosser and the education of African Americans.

Mississippi Educational Journal, 10 Upon receiving her master’s degree, Prosser left Anderson High School in to accept a position as a faculty member at Tillotson College, a Black college in Austin.

George Washington Carver and the remodeling of several buildings.

inez beverly prosser dissertation

Even the rat was white: Letter to Prosser about late delivery of a published book. Supreme Court ruling ofwhich argues that segregated schools were inherently unequal, thereby mandating integration in the nations public schools.

Lastly, to what degree is aggressiveness and submission fostered in the two groups ? Prosser began the research for her doctoral dissertation, titled “Non-academic development of negro children in mixed and segregated schools,” in November of Kids from integrated schools reported greater social maladjustment, insecurity and dissatisfaction with their teacher and family relationships. December 30, Yoakum, Texas.


She spent the majority of this time as a faculty member of Anderson High School where she taught English and coached a girls team for spelling competitions. Second, what are the occupational and activity interests of the two groups? Her dissertation, Non-Academic Development of Negro Children in Mixed and Segregated Schools was one of the earliest investigations into the social domain of elementary school children.

Black Excellence in Education: Inez Beverly Prosser – Center for Powerful Public Schools

Prosser’s research was based on a small sample size, 32 matched pairs of students, and acknowledged in her dissertation that some of her conclusions were based on non-significant statistical results. A Record of the Darker Races. During the academic year, Prosser returned to the faculty at Tougaloo College where she completed her dissertation. Arguments disseration in her dissertation were used in the s and s in the debate about school segregation.

inez beverly prosser dissertation

Other materials include a small amount of correspondence. Prosser was especially interested in the role of psychology in improving black elementary and high school education. Aug 31, Sara Maldonado.

Sixth, what is the effect of the school type on the children’s personality? Skip to search form Skip to main content. Non-academic development of Negro children in mixed and segregated schools. Returning to Austin, Prosser taught education courses at Tillotson College and became the dean and registrar of the college.

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Scope and Content This small collection contains Prosser’s teaching certificates and school diplomas, including Prosser’s degree from the University of Colorado. Inez Beverly Prosser and the education of African Americans. Prosser was one of the key figures in the debate on how to best educate Black students. Inshe graduated from the College’s teaching certificate program.


Her dissertation sought to answer dissertqtion main questions.

inez beverly prosser dissertation

Prosser, she attended the University of Colorado and earned a Master’s degree in educational psychology. Restrictions on Access There are no access restrictions on the materials for research purposes, and the disesrtation is open to the public.

Inez Beverly Prosser

Throughout her time at Disserttion, she taught English and coached for the Interscholastic League, an organization that sponsored events for Black high school students throughout the state. Between andProsser published a series of seven articles in the Mississippi Educational Journalthe official journal of the Mississippi Association of Teachers in Colored Schools. Prosser found herself becerly the first group of doctoral dissertations obtained by both African Americans and African American women in the United States She was also the first African American woman to earn a doctoral degree in psychology Ruth Winifred Howard would later be the first African American woman to obtain a doctoral degree from a psychology department in It was impossible for an African American to obtain a graduate degree in the state of Texas at the time but this did not deter Prosser – she sought her degree out-of-state through the University of Colorado although Colorado had only awarded its first degree to an African American woman in This week we highlight higher education pioneer, Inez Beverly Prosser.

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