Have a positive attitude! Visit an Art Gallery! See me if you have any questions! Every Step you Fake is an indepth report on the privacy, security, and integrity issues related to several modern activity trackers. This site contains resources for ITGS teachers and students, including a sample chapter, exercises, lesson ideas, and further reading.

Wikiloc is a great resource for files in the GPX format, and contains details of trails from all over the world. The release of this Case Study is very well-timed. HL Paper 3 – Sample work. In this way, the students should appreciate exactly how the hardware, software and concepts mentioned relate to the Case Study and also to real-world applications. These exams contain questions that are the same format as current exams. The great thing about this infographic is the way it breaks down smart home technology into individual rooms.

Criterion A Video Upload. The following articles and examples may be helpful: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All assignments and exams may be made up for excused absences. Application to specific scenarios.

The US military are even developing a ‘ smart tattoo ‘ to monitor troops’ vital signs constantly and unobtrusively. What is the nature of the questions? Perhaps inevitably there is casw debate about the advantages of activity trackers. The responses to questions, especially question 4, must clearly indicate evidence of secondary and primary research.



This is a suggested approach so that the students can collaborate and discuss their findings. The increasing number of people adopting stuxy home technology is the subject of this infographic.

itgs case study 2016 questions

Questions on these terms will always be set. It will investigate a real-life situation involving IT in a global society. This case study is for May and November only. You can view more details about the house quewtions Honda Smart Home.

Smart Homes overview — infographic 2. One approach that is taken by some iggs for the case study is to collaborate using a wiki and share their secondary and primary research. Digital Trends has a summary of the report. This first infographic provides a high-level overview of a smart home to help ITGS students realise the different areas that can benefit from this technology.

In this way, the students should appreciate exactly how the hardware, software and concepts questjons relate to the Case Study and also to real-world applications. Both secondary research and primary research are required. What are the expectations of each of the markbands? Teachers have to instruct candidates that if a question asks specifically for two methods or two strategies, treatment of more than this number will be ignored by the examiners possibly leading to lost marks.


However, the instructions are different. Download the ITGS past exam papers list.

ITGS Case Study – 5 Infographics – ITGS News

In May sections B and C were merged. Students can download these files, examine them in a text editor, and use them with tools like Google Earth Pro in order to better understand itgx they work. IT terminology and concepts, IT systems involved in the scenario Investigate the social and ethical impacts. This is the major shortcoming on paper 3. Previous ITGS project screencasts — 6 examples. It is not easy to find.

ITGS Past Papers

The style of ITGS exam papers has changed over the years, even within the lifetime of a stdy. This promises to be a very interesting and enjoyable Case Study with many opportunities for first-hand investigations with wearable technologies. Term 3 Project HL Only 3. CIO discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using activity monitors to improve employee fitness, which is slightly side tracking from the case study but is still an interesting and useful read.

May – Nov

itgs case study 2016 questions

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