I just listen myself. Like those, “Send stuff! I was like, “Aight. Young Chop , shout out to him, but he — everything sounds the same. Have you ever got any advice from Alchemist?

Yeah, they love hip-hop. I was never into the artists. Let me play Leonardo DiCaprio, a little Inception — start working on it. Music is just not what it used to be anymore, man. Nah, I’m dead serious. It wasn’t really too much — it wasn’t difficult or anything like that. We gotta work, we gotta do this, gotta be da-da-da.

So that’s cool to build that relationship to where, I mean, I’m actually talking to these artists personally versus going through all types of third parties and stuff like that. Yeah, EDM’s not really, it’s not for everyone.

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What’s the thought process? So that’s what I did.

Him and Green Lanternyou know, I see him all the time when I’m doing shows, and I’m saying, well, I’ma bump into these people. It’s just I don’t know if it’s really gonna happen or not.

Or play in a movie role or something like that.

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Same thing with Dreyou know, that West Coast gritty sound. And then I can really be on my st, be like, “I tried to hit you up. But right now it’s the South. J Dilla – Beat 27 Another Batch. You’ve got fdit many guys out there, from the small professors to the honorers, to the — it’s just so many guys out there doing it.


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You know what I mean? I gotta just stop letting, you know, putting stuff out because not all of that stuff’s gonna be heard or get used. I always homewrk it — when I put something out or remix something or put my touch to it, it’s always better than cicrus original. I hooked up with my agent back in likewhen he got me doing a lot of homwork and showcasing my talent around the world.

It’s like private school, you know what I’m saying? It’s easy to throw a record out there and as long as you have a dance or a slogan or whatever to it, you’re popping now. And a lot of guys have been trying to push their music out independently, instrumentals, having, maybe not the greatest success. J Dilla – Colors of You instrumental. I started off playing drums, since I was like three, four years old — that was my gift right there, was the drums.


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Ohmework don’t listen to nothing. Hopefully I can definitely do stuff like that in that field, cause — yeah, that’s just a given for me. I had toured overseas for about a week off the Electronic Dream. Like I’ve even done commercials. So that’s what I meant for saying that.

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Like, come on, man. You gotta bring your mom with you at least once.

Like my lighting has to — I work with dim lights. Me, I play a lot of everything.

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You gotta start projecting five, 10 years. No hip-hop, no nothing. I literally went to work and it’s like, come home from school So now I can actually say it. Cause that’s what I need now, is like a whole album of actual artists on the tracks. I still gave it that feel.

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