He is getting the emotions and sorrow out of his system by putting pen to paper. Also music is a great way to express what you are feeling. The narrator of the story deals oppositely with suffering then his brother, Sonny does. I think the quote directly relates to the theme of the story, suffering can yield good. Sonny is able to look back at his experiences of getting arrested and is able to find something that can truly make him happy.

I know that I have found through this story a new outlook on how to treat others. Throughout the story we learn of Sonny’s longtime drug addiction and his life’s struggles. Sometimes we experience similar situations and from our development from the past we are able to familiarize ourselves and respond better having dealt with these affairs before. This aspect includes emotions felt and the thoughts that cross our very mind. In one theme the characters are brought together, the blues.

Throughout the story he is continually reminded of his brother. All along, Sonny has been looking to reconcile with any and everyone for his errors and be accepted once again because he knows that he cannot repair his life by himself. Everything we do in life is a learning experience. Jmaes is due by class time on Thursday, September 25, Accessed May 23, We do it to show others that they are not alone, that as human beings we all face grief, sorrow, happiness, and every other human emotion at some point in our lives.

History repeats itself, but we must express our own emotions and feelings to become part of that history.

james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

Making this information available will be an asset to all. He orders Sonny a scotch and Sonny flashes him a smile when it is placed onto his piano.

Sonny makes a commitment to his brother and himself that he will come through and be able to break the addiction. He has found himself institutionalized, but it may be beneficial to him, because it gave him time to realize that the things he is involved in are wrong, including drug-use.


For example, the narrator never got caught up in drug-use, but Sonny did in fact use drugs and therefore became addicted to them as well. It explains that the tales within ones life such as suffering, accomplishing, and happiness happens frequently. Consequently, tension is formed between the brothers because of their lack of agreement on the issue.

Sonny told his brother after both of their parents passed away and he was not very supportive to his dreams. If you want to see the original post as well as the comments on one page, click the header above: The story was a way of explaining this quote in its entirety.

james baldwin sonnys blues thesis

The loss of his beloved daughter is devastating, but helps the author realize the pain that Sonnys goes through day after day via his drug addiction. The quotation also tells that we must express our emotions and other things that occur in our lives, even though someone has already dealt with the same emotion or has been in the same position in the past.

The narrator tries desperately to help Sonny cope with his suffering. The narrator writes his letter because it is a form of grieving.

His growing addiction allows his troubles and anguish to go away for a moment but knows that when he comes down from his high, he must face his fears and eventually himself but also knows that he cannot face them alone.

We all stuggle in life and all we can do is to fight against that struggle and prevail to come out on top.


In the end, their brotherhood and reuniting is the true triumph for both of them. Sonny’s father was unforgiving after the accident of his brother. Taking place in the drug-plagued, poverty-stricken, baldwjn frustrated streets of Harlem in the s, the setting aids any reader in understanding the obstacles and hardships the narrator and his brother faced growing up in Harlem.

James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues Essay

The narrator finally understands how important music is to Sonny. We the readers never know what path Sonny chooses, to continue on the journey to a better life or back to his old ways, using drugs and making other life-changing decisions for the worse.

Sonny, having finally made amends with his brother, realizes that he can deal with the pain through music. Sonny spends most of his life trying to avoid the suffering that plagues the city of Harlem where he is raised. As the author comes to realize that Sonny is in thesls of his help, he puts aside his differences and accepts Sonny as his brother and learns to appricaite his music. But I also believe its one with togetherness, acceptance, morals and finding strength in others.

“One Writer’s Beginnings”: Writing the Essay: Interpreting “Sonny’s Blues”

He only seemingly cared for himself and focused blue his own problems. The story leaves the readers with the impression that both brothers may finally find peace with each other. This brotherly feud, at the beginning, sets the tone for the rest of the story.

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