In all cases the most recent version of the regulations must be referred to. The prevention of malpractice when undertaking exams and assessments has long been a focus for the Joint Council for Qualifications JCQ. If evidence comes to light some considerable time after the offence, a sanction or penalty may still be applied to the series in which the offence was committed and later series. Staff malpractice If you suspect that a member of staff has committed malpractice or maladministration of the qualification may have occurred, you must let us know by emailing a completed JCQ M2a Form to pqsmalpractice pearson. These papers will be opened and distributed under the supervision of the awarding body officer or appointed agent responsible for the delivery. This controlled assessment is set at a high level of control. The JCQ awarding bodies provide further guidance and clarity on the role of centre staff in the examination room, other than exam officers and invigilators.

Improper assistance to candidates: For teaching staff Provide clear information for staff: How to report malpractice If you suspect malpractice, you should report it to your Head of Centre in the first instance, who has the responsibility to report malpractice to us at the earliest opportunity. Candidate B accepted the offer and a further message from Candidate A contained information relating to the examination. Manage risks associated with controlled assessment. Candidate malpractice If you discover any irregularity in the internally assessed components of examinations before a candidate has signed the declaration of authentication, you don’t need to report this to us.

The effect of this penalty is to prevent the candidate aggregating or requesting certification in that series, if the candidate has applied for it.

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Centre investigations If we require your centre to investigate, we will notify your Head of Centre and provide them with any relevant evidence we may have. There was also a question about the security of the work in the centre. In addition the tape had been paused a number of times which was prohibited in the regulations. Second, the responsibility for ensuring that malpractice is avoided and addressed lies with the head of centre and the senior leadership team SLT — not just the exams officer.


The centre manager, who was also the internal verifier, had claimed the certificates knowing that evidence was incomplete. He suggested that the tasks were tightly prescribed and therefore inevitably produced identical results. The JCQ website contains advice on the recommended procedures for appeals against internal assessment decisions. If exams officers need to contact JCQ regarding exams administration related queries, please email centresupport jcq.

In such cases communications will be with such other person nominated to investigate the matter by the relevant awarding body, such as the Chair of Governors. The candidate denied this and claimed he was just turning the phone off when it was discovered.

The teacher, as a senior member of staff, had permission from the head of centre to be present in the examination room to help maintain an appropriate level of discipline.

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It was, therefore, not possible to determine the identity of the candidates. In all cases the most recent malpracyice of the regulations must be referred to.

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Assemblies can also be used to introduce invigilators to students to raise the profile and coursweork of this important group of staff.

Pearson would like to keep you updated with information on our range of products and services. This is not an exhaustive list and as such does not limit the scope of the definitions set out earlier in this document. A centre may place coursewrok internal appeals procedure on the website or alternatively the document may be made available to candidates upon request.

Some other candidates who were not part of the sample had been given far higher marks coufsework the coursework justified. In these cases the awarding body may make special arrangements to safeguard the interests of candidates who might otherwise be adversely affected. As a consequence of the significant faults found in the quality assurance of assessments in a number of qualifications, and the inability of the centre to provide sufficient candidate evidence, malpractiec awarding body decided to withdraw centre approval for all qualifications.


These procedures malpratcice additional to any guidelines or regulations an awarding body may issue. Where requested, awarding bodies will not disclose the identity of individuals reporting cases of suspected malpractice, unless legally obliged to do so.

If you suspect malpractice, you should report it to your Head of Centre in the first instance, who has the responsibility to report malpractice to us at the earliest opportunity. Please view our Terms and Conditions before leaving a comment.


He was escorted from the examination room and the unauthorised material was removed from him. Alternatively, this function may malprqctice allocated to a named member or members of staff.

jcq coursework malpractice

The centre investigated and reported that the website had been plagiarised, and the bibliography had not been included by the candidate, but had been added by the teacher, after the work had been submitted. Every year there are incidents of examination malpractice by both students and school staff. However, in cases of serious malpractice, where the threat malpracticd the integrity of the examination or assessment is such as to outweigh a duty of confidentiality, it will normally be necessary for information to be exchanged amongst the regulators and the awarding bodies.


Are you sure you want to exit this session? When the head of centre or management is under investigation, communication will be with the Chair of Governors, Local Authority officials or other appropriate governance authorities, as deemed appropriate.

Malpractice is any malpfactice or practice which breaches regulations. Candidate malpractice 34 Appendix 3 Indicative sanctions against centres 36 Appendix 4 Table of offences and ranges of penalties 37 Appendix 5 Illustrations of malpractice 42 edited examples from the records of the awarding bodies who are members of the JCQ.

She was also advised to contact the subject officer for further advice warning.

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