Tips for Multiple Choice Questions Read the questions carefully. Does race determine IQ? The Practice Exams for the John Monash Science School have been written by our Science teacher to allow students to properly prepare and practice for the entrance exam. I got an 88 IQ. Brainworks Learning Centre Login: Give yourself a mental break by studying different topics. Active Revision Test yourself by thinking of a concept and writing down all you know about it; Check your answer and identify areas you missed or realise that you don’t fully understand.

Cover your original answer and answer the question again. Keep track of your progress and scores you have achieved. Leave enough time to check your answers. The 3 full length practice exams contain worked answers and students are able to upload their Science Communication and Science Writing essays to be marked with feedback from our tutors. Panicking accelerates heart rate, sweating, fast breathing and destroys short term memory.

These are generally easier to remember than ‘slabs of text’.

Time Management It is important to structure your exam time. John Monash Science School. For each question take your time, once you hear your exam instructor say that there is 5 minutes left, stop with the extensive analysis on each question, and just start making educated guesses on all your questions left.

Fully worked answers and explananations so you can learn from your mistakes. What to study for the John Monash Science School entrance exam? You need to identify the one that is most correct. Draw maps, diagrams, flow charts, pictures etc, to see and create associations.


I can tell you right now that if you bring in a presentation on how you got perfect scores on all your subjects from prep to year 9, and take bible sized folder, you will not impress them.

jmss essay topics

The most recent John Monash Science School entrance exam consisted essat three tests and two essays. John Monash science school entrance exam Relax – avoid panicking. Should I be worried?

John Monash Science School Practice Exams – 3 Practice Exams

Answer the questions in the sequence that is easiest for you. Jot down initial ideas. DO NOT learn by rote.

jmss essay topics

How long is it? Tell yourself you can! I m 12 years old and my Topicz range is to Panicking accelerates heart rate, sweating, fast breathing and destroys short term memory.

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Long, slow, deep breaths help to calm you physically and mentally. You will need to revise these areas.

Only change an answer if you are jmsz the original is incorrect. Plan time for each question – ask yourself what is the examiner looking for in the answer. Contains over questions Instant online access so you can get started straight away Exam components can be repeated as often as you like for practice. Do the questions you know first then come back to the other questions.


Exam Preparation

It is important to know the exam format and requirements before an exam. But firstly, let me highlight some common problems: Studying with others, for example being in a study group.

Maths 60 questions Numerical Reasoning 40 questions Science Reasoning 40 questions Science Writing task Science Communication task Since opening inthe John Monash Science School has been extremely popular with students who have a keen interest in the sciences. Opening Hours Monday 4: If you show your passion in science through your writing, even though it may be cliche, you will be fine!

The last part of the exams is an essay on a topic of mjss choice that is, there is two topics to chose from. Look for conditional words such as always, never, rarely, should, can etc. Numerical Reasoning Guide — Learn common reasoning questions types used and how to solve them quickly.

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