For the ACM India SIGKDD challenge data scientists are tasked with using social media and traffic data in the form of text, images, and video to track traffic movement in an effort to improve traffic management. Authors are strongly encouraged to make data and code publicly available whenever possible. This year, all workshops will have a uniform deadline for their paper submissions and notifications. He has served as a member of the executive committee of SIGKDD; he has published over refereed articles, 17 book chapters and two monographs. Today’s social and internet networks contain millions or even billions of nodes, and copious amounts of side information context such as text, attribute, temporal, image and video data. Proposed methodologies are demonstrated in applications to a variety of domains, such as academic service, event log and news article explorer, and product review analytics. A thorough analysis of a social network should consider both the graph and the associated side information, yet we also expect the algorithm to execute in a reasonable amount of time on even the largest networks.

Travel may or may not be partially covered depending on the total availability of funds and the number of awards given. His research interests focus on data-driven behavioral analytics for prediction, recommendation, and suspicious behavior detection. Since distrust is a special type of negative links, I demonstrate the generalization of properties and algorithms of distrust to negative links, i. Nominations due Apr However, the high dropout rate on MOOC platforms has been widely acknowledged. In this dissertation, we choose to focus on short user feedback i.

The chief objective of this dissertation is to figure out solutions to these challenges via innovative research and novel methods.

kdd 2015 dissertation award

By subscribing you accept KDnuggets Privacy Policy. If there dissettation any other PC or SPC members who you believe have, or may be perceived to have, a conflict of interest not covered above, please dissertayion the PC Chairs by email research-chairs kdd. Authors submitting a paper will be asked to select one primary subject area, and up to 5 secondary subject areas from the sets of terms below.


In general, the data are viewed as text-rich heterogeneous information networkswhich allow the data to be text-only unstructured datanetwork-only interconnected dataor text plus links. The runners-up will receive a plaque at the conference.

This tutorial discusses three broad directions of state-of-the-art data-driven methods to model malicious behavior: Predicting the likelihood of a dropout would be useful for maintaining the learning progress and encouraging students’ professional development. His research interests include large-scale data mining with emphasis on graphs and time sequences; anomaly detection, tensors, and fractals. Papers are limited to 10 pages, including references, diagrams, and appendices, if any.

As per KDD tradition, reviews are not double-blind, and awad names and affiliations should be listed.

KDD , August , Sydney

Each nomination should be co-sponsored by at least 3 people. In particular, computational tasks are designed to understand distrust, a innovative task, i. Modeling Large Social Networks in Context.

kdd 2015 dissertation award

Full details available at: His research focuses on malicious user and information detection. Rissertation papers that rely heavily on empirical evaluations, the experimental methods and results should be clear, well executed, and repeatable.

Submissions must clearly identify one of the following three areas they fall into: In fissertation workshop proposers need extra time to prepare their workshop, early decisions may be considered if justified. More specifically, the goal of this dissertation can be summarized as follows.

Data-Driven Approaches towards Malicious Behavior Modeling

However, little attention is paid on distrust in social media. The pervasive use of social media generates massive data at an unprecedented rate. Social media differs from the physical world: Submissions must be received by the submission deadline.

The highest award recognizing service to the field of knowledge discovery, data mining, and data science, was awarded to Ted Senator for his contributions to professional conferences and support of research through DARPA.


We begin by challenging the conventional view that defines network communities as densely connected clusters of nodes.

This motivates us to develop a framework for exploratory rissertation of user feedback on items in collaborative social content sites.

SIGKDD Data Science/Data Mining PhD Dissertation Award – Nominations due Apr 30

Nominations are limited to one doctoral dissertation per department or academic unit. Subjects include scalable and effective algorithms for data mining and big data analysis, mining brain networks, mining data streams and more. KDD, the premier international forum for data science, data mining, knowledge discovery and big data research and practice, will feature plenary presentations, paper presentations, poster sessions, workshops, tutorials, exhibits, and the KDD Cup competition.

Papers that do not meet the formatting requirements will be rejected without review. Overall Presentation and Readability of Dissertation including organization, writing style and exposition, etc.

The winner and runners-up will awatd invited to present his or her work in a special session at the KDD conference. Our primary emphasis is on papers that advance the understanding of, and show how to deal with, practical issues related to deploying analytics technologies. It has also created new opportunities for producers of such items to improve business by designing better products, composing interesting advertisement snippets, building more effective personalized recommendation systems, etc.

The dataset contains students’ behavior records for 39 courses on XuetangX – you will be asked to predict kxd or not a student will drop out of a course. Twitter Feed Follow Us on Twitter.

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