Note that there will be an author response phase between submission and decisions. Each nominated dissertation must also have been successfully defended by the candidate, and the final version of each nominated dissertation must have been accepted by the candidate’s academic unit. The thesis studies how to uncover semantically rich structures, such as topical hierarchies and relationships among entities, from massive data that may contain both unstructured text and interconnected entities. Student Travel Award Application. The purpose of the student travel grants is to encourage graduate student participation at the conference by partially funding the costs of students who would otherwise be unable to attend. The track will feature highly influential speakers who have directly contributed to successful data mining applications in their respective fields. Communities in networks often overlap as nodes can belong to multiple communities at once.

Given large-scale online image collections and associated meta-data, we aim to create the collective storylines by jointly inferring the temporal trends and the overlapping contents of image collections. The award winner will also receive a free registration to attend the KDD conference. The thesis studies how to uncover semantically rich structures, such as topical hierarchies and relationships among entities, from massive data that may contain both unstructured text and interconnected entities. This track also highlights new research challenges motivated by analytics and data mining applications in the real world. Meng Jiang and Peng Cui. Tags sigkdd dissertation awards award winner For papers that rely heavily on empirical evaluations, the experimental methods and results should be clear, well executed, and repeatable.

Possible workshop topics include all areas of data mining and knowledge discovery, machine learning, statisticsand data and information sciencesbut are not limited to these.

This tutorial will introduce the details of the general algorithms from the above three classes that can be applied to any dissertatiob and dataset.

Bots, sockpuppets, vandals, hoaxes 3: A thorough analysis of a social network should consider both the graph and the associated side information, yet we also expect the algorithm to execute in a reasonable amount of time on even the largest networks. The purpose of a workshop is to provide an opportunity for participants from academia, industry, government and other related parties to present and discuss novel ideas on current and emerging topics relevant to knowledge discovery and data mining.


This track will complement the already established Industry and Government track at KDD that focuses on peer reviewed publications. Furthermore, the final dissertation defense must not have taken place prior to January 1st, Industry and Government Invited Talks.

Call for Participation, Papers, Workshops, Tutorials, Nominations

Thus, there is often a need to combine “human computation” or crowdsourcingtogether with traditional computation, in order to improve the process of understanding and analyzing data. We also explore novel computer vision and data mining applications taking advantage of the reconstructed photo storylines.

kdd 2015 dissertation award

The winner and runners-up will be invited to present his or her work in a special session at the KDD conference. KDD features an exciting program of 4 keynote addresses by leading authorities: The widespread use and growing popularity of online collaborative content sites e.

As the conceptual counterpart of trust, distrust could be as important as trust and its value has been widely recognized by social sciences in the physical world. Workshop organizers may choose to form organizing or program committees aiming to accomplish these tasks successfully. Nominations due Apr The runners-up will receive dissertstion plaque at the conference.

The methods produce quality topics, phrases and relations with no or little supervision. PDF format is preferred for all materials. Fully automated algorithms are inadequate for a number of data analysis tasks, especially those involving images, video, or text.

Only PDF documents are accepted. We will consider the final form of the thesis only.


SIGKDD Awards : SIGKDD Dissertation Award

Based on our model, we develop accurate algorithms for detecting overlapping communities that scale to networks an order of magnitude larger than what was possible before. Award Presentation at KDD Each nomination should be co-sponsored by at least 3 people. After receiving the nominations, we invited leading experts to serve on the award selection committee from all over the world.

Statistical analysis in these high-dimensional data sets is possible only if an estimation procedure exploits hidden structures underlying data. Congratulations to all the outstanding students who were nominated and to the winners of this year. We demonstrate that our techniques lead to algorithms and systems that expend very few resources e.

kdd 2015 dissertation award

The award winner will also receive a free registration to attend the KDD conference. In this thesis, we develop a formalism for reasoning about human-powered data management, and use this formalism to design: The safety, reliability and usability of web platforms are often compromised by malicious entities, such as vandals on Wikipedia, bot connections on Twitter, fake likes on Facebook, and several more.

Authors submitting a paper will be asked to select one primary subject area, and up to 5 secondary subject areas from the sets of terms below.

Gunhee Kim student and Eric Xing advisor Abstract: Ideally, a tutorial will cover the state-of-the-art research, development and applications in a specific data mining direction, and stimulate and facilitate future work.

Computational models developed with large-scale real-world behavioral data have shown significant progress in identifying these malicious entities.

Overall Presentation and Readability of Dissertation including organization, writing style and exposition, etc.

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