Furaidan, Monther Rashed On the spectral limit points of graphs. Abdou, Asem Mahmoud Stratigraphical andmicrofacies analysis of some selected late cretaceous surface and subsurface sections in Arabia. Al-Qahtani, Mohhmad Shayea Ali Forced flow in the entry region of concentric annuli with impulsively rotated inner walls. Bishr, Hamoud Abdullrab Mohammed Assessment of concrete strength by lok and capo tests. Sharaf, Amin Hussain Investigation into the modulus of elasticity of concrete. Chowdhury, Mohammad Showkat Rahim Uppeer semicontinuous decompositions E3 into subarc’s of Bing’s sling and points. Aridi, Toufic Nabil Growth of uniform layers of nanosized zeolites on 3D ordered macroporous carbon:

Akhtar, Naeem Optimal locations of booster disinfection stations in Al-Khobar water distribution system. Hashmi, Amir Timing driven global routing for standard cell design. Al-Sharif, Maher Mohammed Mahmoud Fault characterization and testability considerations in multi-valued logic circuits. Al-Anazi, Meshal Abdullah Industrial plants reliability evaluation. Abbasi, Mohammed Sajid Ali Non-linear finite element modelling of reinforced concrete slabs.

Al-Ghamdi, Saleh Abdallah Development of mechanical works’ assembly cost data model for residential buildings in Saudi Arabia. Mousa, Wail Abdul-Hakim Entropy-constrained reflected residual vector quantization with application to image coding.

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Al-Barghouthi, Maher Talat Liability allocation among the parties to fixed-price construction contracts in Saudi Arabia. Abdulsamad, Mohammed A methodology for the optimization of rolling process.

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Khan, Murtaza Ali An efficient font design method. Al-Janabi, Yahya Taqui Ahmed.


Al-Gahtani, Mohammed Ali Mohammed. Muhammad, Mahmoud Abdul Raouf Analysis of the factors affecting the gelation time for polyacrylamide-redox system. Modeling and Application to a Swirl-Stabilized Combustor.

Aal-e-Ali, Tmeplate polymerization by phosphonium salts incorporating a chromophore unit. Ijaz, Waseem A study of protein partinioning in two phase aqueous solutions of random and multi-block capolymers.

Al-Shalan, Furaih Fayiz Performance of quadrature amplitude modulation in Nakagami fading channels with diversity.

kfupm thesis template

Waly, Hassan Aly Hassan Nonlinear behavior of cylinder-plate junction on tensionless elastic subgrade. Kafini, Mohammed Mustafa Fractional calculus and some of its applications. Al-Harazin, Ibrahim Muhammad Biological treatment of hazardous contaminants in sequencing batch reacors. This list was generated on Wed May 22 Abuzaid, Nabil Said Effect of dissolved oxygen on activated carbon uptake. Al-Zayer, Ali Dhaif Analytical and finite element investigation of initial clearance effect on tube-to-tubesheet joint strength.

Zafar, Salman Influence of temperature and wind on tejplate transport in cementitious materials. Zummo, Salam Adel Hassan Performance and design of space-time trellis codes for wireless channels.

Ahmed, Rabee Mohamed Reffat Development of an expert system for evaluating the environmental quality of office buildings.

Al-Amoudi, Omar Saeed Baghabra Studies on the evaluation of permeability and corrosion resisting characteristics of Portland pozzolan concrete. Al-Suwaiyan, Ali Saleh Mohammed Efficient test relaxation techniques for combinational logic circuits.


Khan, Shafique Mohammad Ahmed. Al-Shishtawi, Mohammad Shafique Ahmad Integrating heterogeneous database schemas using an on-line taxonomy: Ahmed, Osama Abdel-Wahhab Application of artificail neural networks to optical character recognition. Shahzad, Farrukh Management of magnetic fields in and around substations.

Tenplate, Mian Zainulabadin An improved fractionally spaced decision feedback equalizer structure. Al-Haj, Aiman Hassan M.

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Al-Janabi, Yahya Taqui Chronoamperometric evaluation of several organic corrosion inhibitors by the measurement of the hydrogen permeation flux.

Hamid, Muhammad Code acquisition technique using adaptive filters in wireless communication. Al-Matar, Ali Abbas A Life cycle costing model for small reverse osmosis water treatment facilities.

Adebowale, Awotunde Abeeb Interference testing using horizontal wells in anisotropic reservoirs. Kupm, Samir Hamid Application of modified Reissner theory to sandwich plates. Al-Anazi, Dahham Matar Weibull reliability analysis and maintenance strategies of rotating equipment. Al Sharif, Sharif M. Sultan, Mir Asif Application of neural network to the determination of well-test interpretation model for horizontal wells.

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