Find the cost of each if their costs are in ratio 5: Science album comprising of Science facts, discoveries or inventions. Find the lateral surface area of a hollow cylinder open at the ends, if its length is 10 cm, the external diameter is 8 cm and the thickness is 1 cm. The length of the minute- hand of a clock is 8. One says to other that 2 times my age added to your age gives 18 years. A race track is in the form of a ring whose inner circumference is m, and the outer circumference is m. Find the area of floor which is not carpeted.

Make a small dictionary in your notebook of 50 new words from your text book. Types of precipitation 4. Write 3 characterstics of all divisions of kingdom plantae. A concrete pillar 15 m high has a cross section which is square of side 3 m. Q given in exercise of lesson1 and lesson 2 of geography. Any five questions from each chapter. If each bicycle were to cost Rs.

A piece of wire is bent in the shape of an equilateral triangle of each side 6.

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One says to other that 2 times my age added to your age gives 18 years. Report of parliaments winter session 5. Find the cost of 1 pen and 1 pencil.


If 2 pieces of spring rolls and 3 pieces of homewrk cost 35 rupees and 4 pieces of spring rolls and 6 pieces of momos cost 70 rupees. Check whether the following are in proportion or not: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is enlarged by digging a strip 20cm wide all round it. Write 3 characterstics of each phylem in kingdom animilia.

kv jakhoo homework

Draw the graph of Some local products are displayed in the classroom like a namkeen packet and matchbox and biscuit packet. Prepare Different shapes by using mathematical shapes.

Calculate the mass of the bead. If one of the numbers is 10 more than the other,then what are the numbers? Write seventy seven point two three in decimal form. Without drawing graph, which whether the lines and are parallel or not. Give reason for your answer. You can send the PPT on email rohitonlinepriya gmail. If the circumference of the base a hemispherical dome of a building cm, find the lateral surface area of the dome.

Learn the whole syllabus which we have been studied. A horse and cart together cost Rs How many new members are in the group now? A square carpet of side m is laid in the room.


kv jakhoo homework

Construct tangents to a circle with centre O from an external point P. Prepare power point presentation ohmework topics given in your book. Read all the chapters of honeysuckle and a pact with the sun and revise all the exercises for SA2 Write 5 notices on lost and found.


Find the volume of a hemisphere whose curved surface area is cm2. Click minimum 20 photographs.

Study the weather condition of your area ii. A scooter needs 3 litres petrol to cover 90 km. If its perimeter is m, find its area.

Write the conditions for consistency of the given pair of linear equation.

kv jakhoo homework

Solve FA -3 Question paper in notebook 3. Make the following Project in scrap book: Also Draw pictures of things in which geometry is used and also make ppt on them. Find the product using suitable properties:

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