We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. She would like to know whether Lagundi leaves extract would be an effective ingredient to kill these insects. In treatment b, which is use of commercial insecticide, many cockroaches died and none at treatment c. Other companies followed suit, and their successes increased interest in licensing the technology. All the tests were made in triplicate and diameter of the inhibition zones was calculated in mm.

The average of diameter mm of the inhibition zones called clearing zone CZ and the antimicrobial index AI was computed as the clearing zone CZ minus the diameter of the hole divided by the diameter of the hole. The number of sprays to the following treatments is equal to four sprays only. Thus, it is less expense. While each ingredient acted weakly when administered on its own, they produced a powerful cough suppression effect when used together, and without any adverse side effects. With the help of this new equipment, the farmers were able to produce more lagundi than before and improve their processing ability. Flores, my supportive father, for the availability of the computer and Internet in making my write-ups. Lagundi leaves are 5-foliate, rarely with 3 leaflets only.

Lagundi leaves extract has no hazardous effect to humans because rssearch is no strong chemical added to the ingredients; purely Lagundi leaves extract. Elsevier Sci Pub; The chemical compositions of the essential oil have been presented in Table 1. The Philippine Department of Health has conducted research and study for Lagundi and has suggested that the lagundi rewearch has a number verifiable therapeutic value Lagundi is an erect, branched tree or shrub, that grows to as much as 5 m high.

From Herbal Folklore to Modern Medicine

The researcher is making this oeaves for information to everyone that pesticide, which is made from Lagundi leaves extract is also an alternative pesticide to kill harmful insects. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Dayrit suspected that one of the main reasons why these active ingredients were never commercialized into a product was because consumers were generally unaware of the plants from which they originated and how the ingredients were prepared into an herbal drug.


Researchers discovered that respiratory problems were among the most common symptoms that held the potential to be treatable with traditional medicine.

lagundi leaves research paper

This traditional medicinal knowledge surrounding lagundi is commonly disseminated through herbolaryos — traditional healers who use their traditional knowledge to leavds and administer herbal medicine.

This study will be useful to identify the bioactive compounds of the oil, which may be responsible for the various medicinal properties of the plant. Peaks were identified by comparison of relative GC retention times with standards from literature, retention indices on BP – 1 column 12 — 13peak enrichment on co-injection with authentic standard wherever possible and comparison of mass spectra with literature data 14 — September 20, Last update: Flower oil did not show any activity against S.

Herbal Medicine Paper

It is also blended in with cough medicines and other herbal remedies. Lagundi has been used for centuries by local populations in the Philippines for laugndi medicinal properties, but these were not described in detail until a book by Spanish Jesuit Father Colin that was published in The chemical components of the essential oil of leaf isolated from V.

Decoction involves drying the lagundi leaves and grinding them through a mesh until a fine powder is formed. In order to protect the IP behind lagundi cough syrup formula and promote commercialization, in DOST therefore applied for a utility model with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines IP Philippines for an herbal pharmaceutical composition reseearch is based on lagundi. Herbal Medicine send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.


Indian J Exp Biol.

lagundi leaves research paper

Once only in the domain of herbolaryos, the lagundi plant now uplifts the livelihood of local farmers and brings an affordable, safe and effective medicine for all. One such example is the case of the lagundi farmers on the southwestern island of Palawan. The successful commercialization of lagundi has also been beneficial for the many farmers that grow and sell lagunri shrub to manufacturers.

Lagundi leaves extract may be a pesticide, which is safe, affordable, and environment friendly. Children and the elderly make up a significant portion of the demand for cough medicine, but tablets can be difficult for them to take. Lagundi is a shrub commonly found in the Philippines, which is abundant in our country.

From Herbal Folklore to Modern Medicine

The lagundi flowers are blue to lavender, mm long bearing fruit globose reseatch about 4mm in diameter that turns black when ripe.

Equipments and materials grams of Lagundi leaves extract 1 clean container or bottle Mortar and pestle Sieve Beaker Bottle spray Fine cloth B. The survey laeves interviews with 1, herbolaryos and had detailed accounts of the herbs they used and any side effects caused.

A note on the chemical investigation of Vitex negundo L.

Each patient was given either a placebo or the leavee medicine, and those who received the lagundi medicine exhibited substantial positive medical responses without any adverse reactions or side effects. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Thus, it is less expense.

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lagundi leaves research paper

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