Sucrose is then dissolved in the prepared decoction using a turbine mixer, after which the compound is aged for about three days. Ethyl acetate and ethanol extracts showed prominent antibacterial activity against all the tested strains. Sources, references and related links This case study is based on information from: These said germs are found in insects that live on dirty places in our surroundings, commonly cockroaches. Armed with this cache of data, the researchers developed five criteria with which to test plants against: Herbolaryos have served as authority figures on medicine in many local Filipino communities for generations, and have enjoyed a great deal of respect and trust among many communities in the country.

The researcher is finding a way in eliminating these insects in an affordable way that everyone can afford and can also have the same affectivity as of the commercial ones and which is also safe to use. The new syrup formulation uses decoction to extract the organic compounds from lagundi leaves. When the lagundi cough tablet formulation was ready for commercialization, PCHRD organized informational forums to gauge interest from local pharmaceutical companies. Nutrient agar plates were swabbed with the broth culture of the respective microorganisms diluted to 0. Allured Publishing Co; With the help of a non-governmental organization, the farmers were able to secure a distribution deal with Pascual to produce lagundi. Limonene, 1,8-cineole, citral, cinnamic aldehyde, eugenol, terpinenol 5 , 10 sabinene and viridiflorol 6 , 9 , which were reported as major constituents of the oil of leaves could not be detected in the present studies.

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National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Allured Publishing Co; Papre mixing well, a small amount of citric acid and orange oil is added. The results of present investigation matches with the results of earlier findings except in that one constituent namely viridiflorol was not found in these studies.

Members of this project poured over the records of the Department of Health to find out the leading cause of morbidity at the time.


lagundi leaves research paper

Each of the essential oils and extracts were found to give promising results against B. These insects are reseafch only disgusting in appearance; it is also carriers of germs that can possibly kill us humans.

Flores, my supportive father, for the availability of the computer and Internet in making my write-ups. The researcher is making this project for information to everyone that pesticide, which is made from Lagundi leaves extract researdh also an alternative pesticide to kill harmful insects. Verbenaceaeis an important medicinal plant found throughout India.

The new syrup formulation uses decoction to extract the organic compounds from lagundi leaves.

lagundi leaves research paper

The average of diameter of the inhibition zones of each sample was taken called clearing zone CZ and the antimicrobial index AI was computed as the clearing zone CZ minus the diameter of the hole divided by the diameter of the hole. Dayrit suspected that one of the main reasons why these active ingredients were never commercialized into a product was because consumers were generally unaware of the plants from which they originated and how the ingredients were prepared into an herbal drug.

The solvents were evaporated under vacuum and percentage yield of each extract was calculated. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

Herbal Medicine Paper

The researcher observed the effect of the Lagundi leaves extract to the cockroaches. Herbal Medicine send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Its leaves 2 and seeds 3 are widely used externally for rheumatism and inflammations of joints and are also reported to have insecticidal properties. InHerbs and Nature Corporation entered into a licensing agreement and launched its own lagundi cough medicine, and in New Market Link Pharmaceutical Corporation, Herbcare and Pharmacare all did the same and introduced lagundi cough medicine products to the market.

In order to protect the IP behind lagundi cough syrup formula and promote commercialization, in DOST therefore applied for a utility model with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines IP Philippines for an herbal pharmaceutical composition that is based on lagundi. The freshly collected leaves, flowers and dried fruits of V.


Using Soxhlet extractor five successive extracts from dried and powdered leaves were also taken. Visit Us Contact Us. Jain1 K. General procedure The researcher removed the leaves from the stem.

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Sucrose is then dissolved in the prepared decoction using a turbine mixer, after which the compound is aged for about three days. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Known in the Philippines as lagundi, the plant thrives in both humid and arid regions throughout Africa and Asia and has been used by local populations for hundreds of years to effectively treat wounds, headaches, ulcers, skin diseases, diarrhea, and the common cold, among many others.

Ethanol- a kind o alcohol found in Lagundi leaves. ByPascual was running television commercials during popular morning shows and advertising on the radio and billboards. The efficacy of Lagundi has also been verified by the Philippine Department reseaech Health and other Philippine based scientists which concentrated on its use to ease respiratory complaints.

lagundi leaves research paper

Please review our privacy policy. Lagundi has a single thick, woody stem like a trunk and is usually seen in swamps of the Philippines. Chemical investigation and anti-inflammatory activity of Vitex negundo seeds. This study will be useful to identify the bioactive compounds of the oil, which may be responsible for the various medicinal properties of the plant.

The juice was placed in the clean container or bottle.

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