The purpose of this container is to discharge the application developer from the burden of the non-functional facilities of management in order to focus merely on the business of the application. Web service description, Web service discovery This paper is an overview of how capacity-driven Web services are defined and put into action. Our RFID-based distributed memory does. We describe the design of a moving GC algorithm that can operate concurrently with the application threads. These exchanges are done either with RFID tags or with other teams.

Finally, it presents the first ubiquitous service for uGASP which enables to create multiplayer location-based games. As any software, Web Services have to face various execution environments. Third, people become part of the network propagating and refreshing information not only on their mobiles but also on the RFID displays. The framework assembles these units with a set of well-identified architectural design patterns. We propose a fine-grained template to define these adapters. Quality of context, Quality criterion, Context management, Meta-modelling, Information model In the last decade, several works proposed their own list of quality of context QoC criteria. Furthermore, context-awareness models open the way to automate context-awareness code production.

In this paper, we describe an ongoing work funded by our institution. First, mobility appears as a way to read and collect information. However, two important issues are faced by context data distribution, namely providing context information with a sufficient level of quality-i. Some solutions exist, but they are usable only in the context of static architectures. Such architecture is compared to a component-based architecture from a quantitative perspective.

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The traditional architectures for such systems are not good enough to provide fairness and consistency to mobile users because of the high latency and frequent disconnections in wireless networks. Most of the multiplayer games available online are based on a client-server architecture because this architecture gives better administration control to the game providers.

We evaluate our approach didsertation implementing these algorithms in J2ME based games played on mobile phones. Such middleware should deploy com- ponents where and when necessary, and adapt the architecture of the deployed systems considering the different scales of the systems.


In this thesis, we propose different approaches for achieving consistency in mobile multiplayer games in the face dissertation high latency and large and variable jitters. The goal of this PhD thesis is to exploit these tools with a coding viewpoint. Finally, didntification matching process can adapt dynamically, for instance, to the current trust level between the two parties. We present an lea in which an application is described in terms of abstract services, which are resolved into concrete components at runtime.

In this paper, we extend our existing approach by providing further flexibility in component selection and present the architecture and implementation of our system.

Current solutions usually consider only one notion, and very few of them started to bridge privacy and QoC.

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The heterogeneity of communication protocols is also considered in the graph. Finally, using a medium, different consistency maintenance approaches can be tested and compared easily for experimentation.

les critères didentification du contrat administratif dissertation

We illustrate our solution by modeling a contextaware e-commerce application. We identify some of the remaining challenges that next-generation context managers have to deal with to favour users’ acceptability by adminostratif both the optimal QoC level and the appropriate privacy protection.

In this paper, we propose a scale- awareness framework, called MuSCa. With the IoT, many applications consume context information concerning users context owners such as, daily routines, behaviors and health, offering lots of benefits to users, but compromising their privacy. Meta-modeling, Middleware, Context-awareness With the popularity of ubiquitous computing, contextaware applications become clearly necessary.

Mobile distributed virtual environments, Multiplayer mobile games, Consistency algorithm, Date synchronization The widespread use of mobile phones and the ubiquity of the Internet are paving the way for an increased use of distributed virtual environments such as multiplayer games over wireless networks.

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A performance evaluation then shows that the overhead introduced by the synchronization Cditères remains acceptable. User preferences, Device selection, Multimedia user tasks, Pervasive environments With the increasing demand for multimedia contents and with the increased usage of small hand-held devices, a user in a home network has a number of devices at hand which may offer similar multimedia services but with varying capabilities.


In pervasive environments, applications are cooperatively executed by integrating transparently the dis- tributed services. To face these issues, we propose, in this article, a generic and extensible way to model context-awareness of any application using the model-driven engineering MDE approach.

We can foresee that the context of users will include not only their own spatio-temporal conditions but also those of the things situated in their ambient environment and at the same time, thanks to the IoT, those that are located in other remote spaces.

Our approach is based on adaptation patterns that provide solutions to the captured mismatches between abstract and concrete levels. In order to deal with these concerns, Service-Oriented Architectures SOA provide a solution allowing applications to admonistratif with the services available in their conttrat.

We present an approach for dynamic selection of components and devices in a pervasive environments considering all the aforementioned aspects simultaneously.

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Web service description, Web service discovery This paper is an overview of how capacity-driven Web services are defined and put into action. We illustrate the possibilities of MuScADeL through a smart transport scenario With the Internet of Things IoT paradigm, ambi- ent systems move from locally distributed systems to Internet distributed systems.

les critères didentification du contrat administratif dissertation

Moreover, we consider the QoC as a factor affecting the privacy of individuals. This paradigm got an increasing attention these last years regarding different aspects e. Middleware, Mobile computing, Peer-to-peer, Context adaptation Context-awareness has been widely considered important for applications to provide adaptable services to changes in dynamic environments.

These environments are distributed, heterogeneous and can be naturally unstable fitted with a dynamic network topology.

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