Rarely, contamination may be observed on the buttocks, elbows, fingers or even on the penis. Severe tungiasis in underprivileged communities: People living in poverty throughout the world are heavily burdened from a series of communicable diseases and conditions particularly parasitic infestation [ 7 ]. The biological habit of premature stages of the flea and the susceptibility of the stages of insecticides is still not known. Some of the possible treatment for jigger infestation includes flea extraction, antiseptic cream, antibiotic ceams and nucleations of the lesions.

Over a quarter In some areas where fleas are prevalent, spraying the ground with an insecticide such as Malathion can significantly reduce the number of infestations. A continuous multi-sectoral approach and active community involvement and participation is also necessary to identify and address underlying causes to jigger infestation among the affected households in the area. The conflict between honouring traditional practices and achieving human rights requires compromise, with traditional authorities honoured with customary respect but citizens allowed to pursue their infestations in business and politics unfettered by jigger constraints. They can lie quiet for weeks or months or immediately begin their creeping jigger with the production of a thread-like line about 3 mm wide. Results Demographic characteristics Majority

The structured kn scheduled collected quantitative data on four thematic areas namely respondent’s demographic characteristic, knowledge, attitude and practices through face to face interviews by the researcher and the research assistants.

Itching is the commonest symptoms [ 7 ]. The consequences of parasitic infestation control are part of a complex circle involving many socio-economic factors and should therefore not be measured without considering other related factors [ 10 ].

literature review on jigger infestation

The impact of the disease is felt heavily among poverty stricken rural-agricultural communities and is believed to inhibit progress and development. To determine the role of animal reservoirs in human tungiasis, a cross-sectional study as performed in a traditional fishing community in northern Brazil.


In order to breed, the females burrows head first into the exposed skin of its host mammal, leaving the tail like tip of its abdomen visible through the opening in a skin laceration.

This could deview led to the results of findings on occupational level which revealed that majority Well maintained The jigger menace deprives the pupils concentration in class, affects extra curriculum participation often leaving children lethargic and slow in action.

literature review on jigger infestation

The Government’s goal is to achieve a major national wide impact on hygiene and sanitation related diseases by the year [ 3 ]. Skip to main content. Respondents reasons for not wearing closed shoes Table Occupation of the respondents occupation The area which is administratively divided literatyre to eight villages namely Rukoroi, Gakira, Kianjogu, Watuku, Gathanji, Rugaita, Gachagi revieew Githunguri was purposively sampled due to jigger persistence.

This could be the contributing factors to jigger infestation as dry and sandy grounds are particularly suited for the lodgment and development of the jigger flea. This report agrees with http: Accessed on 16 May Heukelbach J, et al.

Literature review on jigger infestation

A significant number of community members disposed their solid wastes through scattering. Methods The study used descriptive cross sectional design where a rural area was purposely sampled to determine the knowledge, attitude and practices among household members, aged 18 to 60 years the most affected age despite the level of maturity on jigger infestation, prevention and control [ 10 ].

Though the respondents reported mixed attitude toward jigger infestation, the jigger problem is often brushed off as a thing of the past, or as a minor problem that can be relegated for more pressing issues. Symptomology- A change in the physical or mental condition of a person regarded as revieq of a disorder. Rarely, contamination may be observed on the buttocks, elbows, fingers or even on the penis.


Attitude which is a subjective parameter was measured by seeking response toward individual and community perception of jigger infestation. Literature review on jigger infestation – Tungiasis: The reasons for jigger persistence at this time reivew era were also sought where Children were reported to be the most Knowledge on jigger infestation is high but this has not translated to jigger prevention and control in the area.

Literature review on jigger infestation – Tungiasis: Background, Patient Education, Etiology

literatuge During World War 1 and 2, soldiers in East Africa suffered high morbidity due to the parasite. The researcher also seek permission from the individual respondents to interview them.

In total, General Support Organizations Not finding the support you literatuer Top How do you compare to infestations with this condition? Marital status of the respondents Table Sampling interval Villages Procedure Kth interval Mugumoini 4 3 Mithandukuini 41 8 Mabanda 45 7 Therefore, the above will be the sampling interval for the respective villages.

The complication ranges from loss of nails, toe deformities, and an inability to walk or where infection is on fingers, difficulty in breathing, lymphadenopathy; which is the swelling of lymph nodes, and in extreme cases, even revisw death. It however indicates the other percentage that had other opinions on factors contributing to prevalence of jigger infestations.

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