The initial tension of the belt: Also, some of these machines are designed for a particular type of crop and cannot be used for other crops. A multi-crop slicing machine was designed, fabricated and evaluated for performance. There are cassava chippers, tomato slicers, okro slicers and other root and vegetable choppers. A throughput capacity of

It is most commonly used to peel potatoes. For yam there was no measured significant difference between small size and medium, but medium size give best performance. Housing, Housing top cover, Cutting disc housing, Cutting disc, Cutting disc housing cover. It was fabricated for made of 1. Processing into staple, non-perishable and easily transportable produce offers an alternative to storage in the fresh form.

This paper presents the design, construction and performance evaluation of a highly efficient device that simulates the traditional method of cutting plantain pulp transversely.

(PDF) CIGR09 Agbetoye et al slicing machine | Leo Agbetoye –

Idler frame was also fabricated for a oon x 50 mm mild steel angle to slicwr the idler shaft and was welded directly to the main frame. It has attracted quite a number of small-scale business owners as a major business enterprise. In tropical Africa, carrots are mainly eaten cooked, and it plays a significant part in the preparation of certain traditional dishes.

Energy Requirement in Mechanical Chipping of Tapioca. These conveying discs are 9 in number and they were arranged liyerature such a way that they are separated by spacers between then to achieve the desired thickness of slices Figure 2.

Kachru et al observed that during cutting, a cutting edge knife penetrated into a material, overcoming its strength and thereby separating it. Overview of World Banana Production and Trade. A speed of 46 rpm was found to favour the slicing of large size crops only, while a throughput capacity of It claimed to have a capacity of up to kg per hour.


literature review on plantain slicer

Various sizes of such machines are available from as small as 1. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

literature review on plantain slicer

The slices produced by traditional methods are not uniform and this may result in non-uniform drying or infected dried slices. A belt cutting system Teel, developed for harvesting vegetation is an impact cutting device. Such processes as cutting of fruits or vegetables for canning, shredding sweet potatoes for drying, slicing onion for salad, chopping corn fodder, grinding grain for livestock feed and milling flour are size rwview operations.

Inaugural Lecture Series No. Exploded view of the slicing machine showing the component parts. Furthermore, some of these slicing machines are designed for only a particular type of vegetable and fruit and cannot be used for others because of their peculiar rheological properties. Plantain chips making, an art of frying round slices of un-ripened and slightly ripened plantain pulp in vegetable oil is the most popular plantain product in Nigeria and neighbouring countries, and is a quick alternative to other snacks.

Increase in speed led to increase in the slicing efficiency in line with the design concept of speed variation. Review xlicer Existing Slicing Machines Several slicing and chipping machines have been designed and tested in various developing countries especially the Caribbean and South East Asian countries as reported by Clarke Similarly in drying of okro or tomatoes, the vegetables and fruits are sliced into smaller pieces to facilitate heat transfer and removal of moisture from the pieces.


literature review on plantain slicer

The processing of yam into flour increases its storage life Osagie, since the moisture content is drastically reduced, making it less favourable to microbial activities. The operations involved in processing root and tuber crops lietrature washing, peeling, size reduction chipping, slicing and gratingdrying lierature milling. The machine is a simple device, used in making a transverse cutting of plantain pulp into uniform sizes.

Macmillan Publishing Company, New York. Capacity is 21 — 23 kg per hour.

Development of a plantain slicing device

Stainless steel materials were therefore used for fabricating components which litterature directly in contact with the crops being sliced. The feed rate is calculated as follows:.

The machine achieves, respectively, This housing serves as the cutting blade compartment Fig. This may be as a result of texture, fibre content and moisture level of the crop that resulted revied high capacity for the selected crop considered. The capacity decreased with increase in speed. While medium and large group increased in throughput capacity with increase in speed.

The orthographic projection and the exploded view of the machine are presented in Figs. Medium and large size samples gave good result for potato at a speed of 41 rpm with capacities and efficiencies of The parameters that were investigated were slicing efficiency and throughput capacity.

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