People left the area to look for jobs elsewhere. This led to the decline of the area around the docks. Newer Post Older Post Home. Properties for poorer people had to be demolished to make way for the site, Housing Association flats were torn down for example. Jubilee Line Underground extension. A lot of new housing far too expensive for locals.

Today money is more likely to be spent in improving and modernising buildings in cities. The London Dockl ands Development Corporation During the 19th century, London’s port was one of the busiest in the world, but by the end of the s it was in signficant decline with many of the docks derelict and abandoned. London Docklands Case Study: But today these multi-million pound schemes are less popular – why should this be? The infrastructure has been improved. The docks were also affected by global containerisation.

UIC – London – Regeneration

Posted by Mr Chambers at 6: But today these multi-million pound schemes are less popular – why should this be? The London Olympics bid was partly successful on the understanding that Stratford would be used during the docklandd and regenerated for local people to use after the competitors had left.

Forman and Sons, a salmon-smoking factory with 50 employees Rents and property prices have gone up as a result of the Games Environmentally Many of the grounds in the Olympic Park have been kept as parkland and are open to the public for use as a picnicking and play area. As patterns of world trade have changed, some cities in the UK have seen the decline of dockland areas, where merchant ships would collect or deliver goods.


london docklands case study bbc bitesize

Regeneration — reuse of venues, new homes, and improved transportation. JP Raud Dugal from http: Our needs should have been considered more.

london docklands case study bbc bitesize

Tower Hamlets got very little out of the Olympics. The key for this unit is Legacy point 4 — urban regeneration.

Case Study: The London Docklands – Document in GCSE Geography

In the past Bristol docks was an important industrial area with shipbuilding and warehouses right in the centre of the city. The docks were also affected by global containerisation.

Consider positive and negative effects. Planners have tried to regenerate some of these areas. The new transport links encouraged commercial tenants to move to Canary Wharf in the early s, despite economic uncertainties.

Potential tenants of the new office development at Studu Wharf studg more efficient transport links to the City and other parts of London.

The River Lea that runs through the Olympic Park was improved as has the quality of its water. Green areas were placed along the banks of the river. Regenerated Bristol Harbour The area has now been transformed completely from the dereliction of the s to a glittering 21st century cityscape, with high-rise offices, shops, restaurants, health clubs and leisure facilities. However, as house prices began to rise developers were tempted to build high cost housing which local people could not afford.


The was because traditional jobs in docks were lost manual, unskilled, unreliable and poorly paid and most housing was substandard-lacking basic amenities services e. Urban Regeneration is the whole sale improvement of the buildings and infrastructure of an area. The aquatics centre now uses its 50m pools as facilities for the community and schools, as well as elite athletes.

london docklands case study bbc bitesize

Economic — supporting new jobs and skills, encouraging trade, inward investment and tourism 2. Ann Seacombe, a resident from the Isle of Dogs commented: Case Study – Regeneration of the Lon Bristol Harbourside today contains: Bristol docks in the past contained: Most of the jobs are for skilled people working for big companies – other jobs are low paid, working in restaurants or shops.

What improvements were made after ? Sunday, March 04, Inner Cities: Surrounding the docks were many industries using imported goods and high-density, poor quality housing typical old inner-city area.

Case Study: The London Docklands

This angered many local people. Make sure you are prepared for vocabulary linked to cities and urban renewal such as: During Victorian times Bristol docks was an industrial area closed to the public. Industrial Bristol Harbour

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