Authoring resistance through youth media arts. Qualitative research in a networked world. Digital diversity, ideology, and the politics of a writing revolution. Youth and social networking in a global world. Exploring, building, and connecting online. History Online Lists of theses completed in the U.

Mobilizing literacies across media and communities: Help Center Find new research papers in: Youth on the frontlines of intercultural learning. Berkeley University Fellowship, U. High School Writing Centers: Transgressive textual readings in a digital age.

Institute of Education Sciences.

lra dissertation award

Cosmopolitanism, creativity, and multimodality. Cosmopolitan practices, networks, and flows of literacies.

Outstanding Dissertation Award / Overview

Seek to address significant research question s. National Documentation Centre Greece Cybertesis. Contribute to the literature on educational administration, such as studies of administration and or the role and function of the administrator in K schools, studies of the history of educational administration or of the lives awarv major contributors to the field, or other studies related to educational administration.


lra dissertation award

Designing Spaces for Partnership: Contingent pasts, possible futures. The labor of global connectivity. The role of the teacher in writing transfer.

Theses and Masters’ dissertations

Girls in India go online. Cosmopolitan imaginings of self and other: Media, literacy, and community in high school makerspaces.

Reading the self into existence: Disrupting educational inequalities through youth digital activism. Teacher leaders as makers and design thinkers. Developing Data Literacy with Adolescents: EThOS allows you to search overtheses records, freely download the full text of any UK thesis that has been digitised, and order for downloading any thesis rla one of the participating institutions.

In addition to this, you can find information on Library catalogues and on WorldCat.

lra dissertation award

When everyone is a writer: Philip Nichols and Veena Vasudevan. Contexts of digital socialization: Youth make friends on an international social network.

Teachers as cosmopolitan agents: Social composing in the Wattpad online writing community. Mills College English — Literature B. Restorying as political action: Remember me on this computer.


Teaching and Teacher Education, 59, Tracing connections in an online writing community. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Conference on Writing Analytics: Cover sheet with appropriate information — Part A; B. Using participatory analysis of timelapse video in qualitative research: An Ethical Commitment to Dkssertation.

Ethical considerations for online literacy research. Imagined readers and hospitable texts: Finding dreams through English writing activities in the Write4Change community.

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