Under the impetus to find my element and change something in my community, I involved myself in various extracurricular activities, of which the project nearest and dearest to me is Science Week. What skills did you improve? These contracts also involve feedback, i. What do you feel you gained from them? March 29, at 7:

What gripped my attention was the applied and critical way of thinking required as well as the constant novelty. There, you can make up to five university choices to which you want your application to be sent. The applicant has mentioned an interest in history but they have not discussed this in depth or shown any evidence of wider engagement with the subject. There are universities which help you to contact a student, just explore their websites as much as you can and take advantage of the opportunities you have. My personal statement had about 13 versions. Due to my high scores, I was awarded a monthly merit scholarship starting with UCAS reference Your teacher’s reference:

March 29, at 7: Though I have participated in many contests for all three subjects, the American Mathematics Competition, in which I won the 4th place at the regional stage inwas the most tantalizing and demanding. For example, if you have the following sentence: This site uses cookies.

Why have you chosen the course?

Personal statement

As far as my plans are concerned, I intend to apply for an internship in the planning department of a multinational corporation. What gripped my attention was the applied and critical way of thinking required as well as the constant novelty.

Why is the course attractive to you?

lse personal statement studential

Can I write in my personal statement about more personal stuff like for example I I’m not from uk and I’m going to graduate this year and i want to. Lse Masters Personal Statement Example. If, however, this does not feel like you know enough, try to contact a student preferably from the same educational background as you in that program or a graduate of that course.


Do start off by doing some research, but do not stop after reading just the description of the course. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, swimming, sketching and solving puzzles and logic problems.

It helped me realise and accept the 13 th version as being the best it could get and, therefore, the last one. Do not forget to take notes from the very beginning to the end. Have you attended lectures or explored online material relating to the subject?

Philosophy and economics lse personal statement

The quality of an applicant’s personal statement is very important at LSE. How do your current studies relate to your course choice?

lse personal statement studential

The key in this process is to read carefully and find those universities with which you are compatible. Planning should involve 2 important features: Is there a specific area of the subject you wish to focus on? The selectors are looking for an original and well written statement which provides evidence of your genuine interest in and enthusiasm for the study of Management Sciences.

For instance, if you are applying to our Government and Economics degree, you must show evidence of interest in both subjects; a statement weighted towards only one aspect of the degree will be significantly less competitive.

How to Write a Successful Personal Statement When Applying To a University in the UK – Anca’s Blog

While preparing for the national stage of the Economics Olympiad after having won 1st place at the regional stage I became a voracious reader of various business publications. I feel that this has provided me with the experience to successfully balance my academic and social life, persona I plan to continue this balance whilst at university. How you show your wider engagement with your subject is entirely up to you.


This is good, but it would be nice to see the same level of reflection applied to academic topics – this student has spent more time talking about football than about history.

lse personal statement studential

The first time I sat down to write my personal statement, I panicked. What I would do is make sure that you have a catchy introduction show passion and interest ppersonal from the very beginning and a strong ending. Did you hold any positions of responsibility in your school?

To find out more, including how to control cookies, staetment here: Universities in the UK know very well their staff. Have you received any important accolades assessing your overall activity? Overall, I feel that the analytical side of the management world suits me best and I believe that my pdrsonal academic and extracurricular activities and aptitudes I have gained from them, as well as my enthusiasm, creativity and tenacity are backbones for pursuing this undergraduate course, which I perceive as an exclusive door-opening chance of personal and professional fulfillment.

What are some of the best statements of purpose for a Master’s To make a great SoP you need to tell your story as it is.

What kindled my interest for this course was a combination of extracurricular and academic activities. Personal Statements for Postgraduate Study.

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