Find all exam scores greater than or equal to 65, and sort those scores from lowest to highest. Posted 17 May – The Original nib is gone and replaced by a 14Ct no name nib. Who can help me out? Note that the decorative vertical panel just to the right of the lanpower sign has survived. It was the following company: For this reason I would like to restore both of them.

Please query the video. There were more pens in the gift I received but they are female pens. I will not make specific recommendations as I’ve had no personal experience with repairs of this nature but the names already floated here are quite capable. My mother told me that my granddad went from Noordwijk to Haarlem with the train places in the Netherlands, 40 km apart to buy a new fountainpen. Sunday, January 22, [Solution] Week 2: You currently have javascript disabled.

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I think I have a N too but the top of the cap is tortoise to and might like to have it cleaned. Use that data set to answer this question.

He’s a dutch hobby restorer and quite knowledgeable in Pelikan. If you prefer to see no adverts, support FPN by donating towards an Ads Free view, either by a monthly contributionor a yearly contribution. Started by HomeworlMay 17 Nevertheless you can find somebody in Germany that could help you to repair the pen.



Like I stated before he was strong man, a farmer, with big hands and he needed a tough pen to deal with. Thnaks for homeork advise on the mn. Posted 22 May – Now it’s your turn to analyze the data set. If I look through a magnifying glass there looks to be a tiny bit of iridium in place. Good luck with restoring this lovely old Tortoise.

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Several functions may not work. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Rules – Market Watch Rules.

It does not in any case resemble the picture of the nib you have got there. During rhe war the use of gold was restricted and traveling was difficult. Thank you very much in advance! Using a pelikan runs in my family genes as homeqork already posses a m and m Posted 10 October – Dantuma Zijlstraat 90 Haarlem The Netherlands.

The pen has been used by my grandfather from to I’ve forgotten my password. This is visible on the pen itself. Thank you for sharing your story.


m101n homework 1.1

Who can help me out? It was somewhere before the war broke out. This model was introduced in so it has to be between en that he aquired this pen.

You can verify this for yourself by going into the shell and counting the documents in the “test. I know a couple of m1011n in Spain that they will be able to help you: I will use the comming time to complete my study on th pen and find out who to send it to for repair.

Blog User Sign-up and Login Download the handout and unpack it. Edited by JPM, 20 May – The two old pelikans are loaded with emotional stories for me, priceless so to say.

I see no problem except the missing capband, but Tom Westerich can fix this:

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