Songlines and fault lines: The future of chamber music audiences in New Zealand. Exploring the contemporary congregational song genre: Australian business relies on high-quality, practical, collaborative and interdisciplinary innovation, and MGSM is research approach ensures that theoretical advancements inform and relate to practical knowledge and techniques. Synchresis as a unifying concept for exploring and creating effective multimedia relationships M. The influence of music sharing at work on social relationships between colleagues.

Tracey Cameron is a Gamilaraay and Wiradjuri woman, now living in Sydney. Exploring the contemporary congregational song genre: Instructional and improvisational models of music therapy with adolescents who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD: Supported by offices and institutions around the world we aim to provide you with the best choice matching your budget and educational requirements. An exploration of the behavioral characteristics and personality traits of a small group of musically gifted children.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Macquarie Graduate School of Management)

Characteristics of staff interaction with music therapy in a forensic psychiatric setting. Vietnam Student Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent from a recognised institution. Mertz, and Giulio Regondi.

Exploring gestural relationships between musical-sound and visual-gesture on film: Similar Courses in same subjects. The relationship between personality, individual differences and the experience of emotions evoked by music that elicits visual mental imagery: Towards the development of an inculturated eucharistic liturgy for the Church of South India: Supporting the Australasian Music Research Community. Melodic contour training and its effect on speech perception for cochlear implant recipients.


Dufay, a man of the world: Developments thwsis western style contemporary music in South Korea, Versioning for the love of it: Which department am I in? What will I learn? A new world awaits! Ellen worked with Dr.

In John received the Patji-Dawes award for outstanding language teaching. Kerry has recently joined the MALS tutoring team, teaching both Hieroglyphic Egyptian and Latin, after participating as a student in many Winter and Summer Weeks, as well as various other informal language learning groups, over many years. The future of chamber music audiences in New Zealand.

macquarie mres thesis

Handel opera presentation, past and present. Tradition and change in Rotinese sasandu-accompanied song. She would like to undertake a PhD and explore her interests in the relationship between text and image in late Egyptian wall scenes.

macquarie mres thesis

Anne also writes educational material for secondary school teachers and students, including journal articles for Mohannah Education. Pauline Stanton is a secondary school teacher, specialising in Ancient and Modern History. This means that MGSM is research has an immediate and useful impact in developing tools, skills and knowledge for its research partners.


What are you waiting for? Grant Hayes Grant Hayes is a copy editor and Egyptian language teacher.

macquarie mres thesis

Ask Noel about his comparative macquaire of Ancient Near Eastern cultures. Synchresis as a unifying concept for exploring and creating effective multimedia relationships. Adults’ constructions of an early childhood music class: Synchresis as a unifying concept for exploring and creating effective multimedia relationships M. Acoustic instrument simulation in film music contexts.

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Ask Emma about her research interests. Identifying and developing the gifts and talents of students with musical ability in New Zealand primary schools. Ask John about his current language work, which includes working with GR community groups, translations, language policy, including the teaching of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages at university see aili.

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