What is astounding is the lack of national dignity represented in the witch hunt. As soon as they are gone — like the Filipinos almost immediately after the Americans left witness this article from the s: And countless military leaders have paid the price for losing battles. I think poor Art got beat up about his grammar comment. For the death of Marwan?

Robert alias , a survivor of the clash as interviewed by a reporter, told the reporters that one of his injured friend-comrade begged him not to leave him there. I think the problem is that idealism is not recognized as idealism. Those questions were not asked during the hearings. And maybe the development of a stronger national sense of loyalty. A long history of anarchy and disorder also predisposes us to like harsh leaders like Duterte — one must never forget that Marcos rode to power on a groundswell of dissatisfaction with the disorder that Filipino democracy became after the Americans left. I thought it was results.

So, yes, coming to terms with evil is definitely part of the solution but it has to start at the individual level… and spread outward.

Often domineering behavior is confused with leadership strength.

FDLS Online Magazine: Reaction Paper : Mamasapano, Maguindanao Massacre (Fallen 44)

Enciunter in your details below or click an icon to log in: I thought it was results. You are commenting using your WordPress. In other societies, there is a consensus that corrupt behavior of public officials is not acceptable.

The characters around him disregarded his instruction to coordinate with the AFP. I believe the extremists ought not be mistaken for the rational of the indigenous, and the task of marginalizing the extremists falls to their brothers.


That is a great tragedy of this incident, beyond the deaths. It is not achievable.

Point me to him. Trouble with that kind of defence mechanism — understandable as it is — is that it prevents real learning. When legislators restrain the Philippines from using encoujter the resources at her command, then the Legislature has taken a decision that establishes the context in which 44 people lost their lives.

Let me put it here so that it does not get lost when I find something else to stick in the right column: He started his presidency on integrity, the straight path, my hopes were up high. I am so disappointed at Casino. A Essah spokesman accused the SAF squads of initiating the firefight, claiming that the rebels acted in self-defense, and proposed the continuation of the peace process. It was a good though tragic move.

The only difference is polarity: Of my understanding of the events that occurred and from various versions about the incident, there was no one claiming that the President has nothing to do with the operation and therefore squeaky clean.

mamasapano encounter essay

Ah, might have made a big difference, I agree. Senator Santiago was the mamasaoano of the worst, in my opinion, arrogantly laying blame everywhere to look profound. What does the Philippine economy thrive on today?


Lessons from Mamasapano

They merely underscore the political aspirations of the complaining parties. What these people want again is a categorical statement that US forces took part in the operations.

It is fascinating for us newbies to witness a coup attempt taking shape. Aquino has acknowledged that he is responsible for all that happened. But one must believe that man is perfectible. Thanks a lot and hope you will still come back after your assignments to visit my site.

Played brilliantly by Jim Carrey.

mamasapano encounter essay

Policemen across the regions also offered Mass, flowers, and lighted candles in front of their police stations to honor their slain colleagues.

Had he not had obligations in Zamboanga, he might have called key military and police people to be in the room with him, but he trusted in his people. February 15, at 8: Badruddin’s wife Sarah Langalan recalled that her husband went to charge his cellphone but never came back. I wandered in, and there was a separate party going on there, all the help and their families, eating by hand and lounging on beds and floor and everywhere.

Not even Obama is not congratulating nor Homeland Security is talking.

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