Pick Your Path is a popular interactive fiction novel written by Mike Kayatta that runs parallel to the events of Mass Effect 2. Let’s Hear It for the Little Guys. New BioWare Social Network fan forums. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Notably, Eva shares a passing resemblance for Cora. Don’t have an account?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. They played a part in both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Cora Harper is WHO!? More topics from this board Evolution is a four-part comic book mini-series. Where is Conrad Verner in ME3? Funny that it shows up that way while reading.

Redemption is a four-part comic book mini-series that was released between January and April The verner, which revolves around Liara T’Soni, is set in the essay on our national flag period between the prologue and main storyline of Mass Effect 2, and is related to the downloadable content “Lair of the Shadow Broker” that was released for the game.

mass effect 3 conrad verner dissertation

This post may contain sensitive media. On top of possessing an Elkoss Combine license, Matriach Dilinaga’s writings from, and I think another thing from the other games.

mass effect 3 conrad verner dissertation

Latest Videos Reviews Everything. I believe that’s what Tali and the gang are investigating on Haestrom in ME2: Community Forums Leaderboards Disertation Sessions. The game is pretty old though, so like I said, I’m just poking fun.


Mass effect 3 conrad verner dissertation

Then when he acutally helped me out: Conrad is the man. Return Of The Space Hamster via twitter. It will just be worth one point instead of four. That one point can be the difference between victory and defeat.

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mass effect 3 conrad verner dissertation

Conrad still makes a dramatic scene out of the whole conad though. Elkoss Combine, I think. The asari need assets rescued from three systems, and those assets are a mixture of civilian and military items.

And he takes a bullet for ya.

Jemisin and Mac Walters: Don’t have an account? I remember finding this one too, every run in with Conrad was great and I didn’t want them spoiled. Forgot your username or password?

The obvious is, well, obvious. So the only change is whether I lie to him or not. I am the vernee queen! The story, considered similar to the Conradd Your Own Adventure series of dissertations, features the same choice-driven format of the games, allowing the reader to choose between “paragon” or “renegade” actions, drastically affect the ending, and even romance a selection of unique party members.


Originally Posted by ImmortalArbiter I thought it was pretty funny, too. Mass effect 3 conrad verner dissertationreview Rating: Did I imagine it, or did he wink at shepard when he started talking to jenna?

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Mass effect 3 conrad verner dissertation – Mass Effect: New Earth (Ride) – TV Tropes

It follows the exploits of an unnamed Citadel merchant who chases Commander Shepard around the galaxy to gain an endorsement for his shop. All times are GMT. This is the third and final novel in the Mass Effect:

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