Copy url to clipboard Copied! Future overview of tourism in new EU countries. An overview and the WYD case-study. Why do business travellers cause hotel leakage? User requirements on bike sharing from a touristic point of view. Estimating the economic value of snow sports activities in Val Bedretto. The case of Italian SMEs.

Compression and visual quality assessment for light field contents. Value of the environmental initiatives in the hotel industry. Fostering cultural and creative enterprises in Rome and Barcelona. The case of Malta. Identifying and measuring the elements that influence the reputation of tourism destinations. Guests for the Introduction of Eco-Measures.

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The role of music in online communication of destinations as a tourism asset. The case of Agritourism Switzerland.

Bachelor / Master Thesis

The case of Italy. A reflection of Chinese culture. Open days and study advisory. Copy url to clipboard Copied!

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The case of the medieval town of Rhodes in Greece. Within and outside the precincts of Belgrade: Diritto processuale penale StrafprozessrechtAss. What is luxury in luxury tourism? The Herman Hesse museum. From technology-enabled guest experience to technology-enabled staff experience.


Tourism destination marketing in South Africa and Zambia: Case Study of “Baselland Tourismus”. Tourists as thesjs advocates: Analyzing the Master in International Tourism: Analytical Framework for the Evaluation of Efficiency and Effectiveness.

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Persuasion and argumentation in cruise-advertising. Atef Abdelazim Gouda, Shady: Online promotion in tourism. Is there room for SMEs? The case of Sochi An analysis with a focus on Luvano Agno Airport.

master thesis guidelines usi lugano

In addition to providing students with the knowledge necessary to excel in their future careers, this master requires students to apply that knowledge and gain hands-on experience through two main activities: The case of Mexico. Take the Ascott China as an example. Analyzing the tourist market portfolio in Bulgaria and drawing its conclusions for a renewal.

Identifying and measuring the elements that influence the reputation of tourism destinations. Schmid, Marina Silvia Claudia: A new driver for tourism.

The case study of La Mancha. Online booking engines for hotel chains.


master thesis guidelines usi lugano

The accommodation sector in the era of peer-to-peer vacation rentals. A case study on cruise catalogues. The case of Malta. The case of Agriturismo La Pometa.

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