This thesis examined two algorithms to perform occlusion culling. You can conduct research using the library’s search engine. In comparison to a thread-based approach, waiting jobs can be resumed quicker in the fiber-based job system. However, instead of lossy compression, it reads data directly from disk into main memory as needed during runtime, as it was already done before for texture clipmaps. Finally, this technique was implemented in the game engine Unity in order to benefit from its features and so it can be easily incorporated in other Unity applications.

In the third semester students have to do an internship. The Art of Project Management, Sebastopol: You can conduct research using the library’s search engine. In recent years app developers try to use real world data to revolutionize already existing gameplay concepts or even to spark interest for everyday’s life activities by using motivating game mechanics. Course description This course is intended as initial training for the master’s thesis Methodology Practical work in the laboratory Learning outcomes After passing this course successfully students are able to

The limits set for Health Care Marketing by Compliance will also be discussed in the course. Methodology exercises, case studies, discussion, theory inputs, self-learning phases supported by e-learning Learning outcomes After passing this course successfully students are able to Furthermore, results from an online survey highlight possible advantages of a game as an additional learning tool.

Finally students will get familiar with methods of Pharmacoeconomy which are being used to evaluate the economic benefit of health care products — an aspect that is getting more and more important in an industry trying to limit growing costs.

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This thesis examined two algorithms to perform occlusion culling. After wiwn the different types of real world data available on modern smartphones and possible as well as already existing gameplay concepts are discussed.


This work shows how morality can function as an instrument of game design and what principles and aspects have to be taken into consideration. Basic knowledge about cell and tissue biology and molecular biology as well as corresponding lab experience, warm-up technnikum cell culture and lab security training.

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If you are not enrolled or employed at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, please provide your residence registration form and your student ID when you visit us for the first time. The course imparts basic knowledge of bioethics to the students. Knowledge of the relevant legal provisions concerning medicinal products and medical devices law in Europe and Austria; the target is to create a general understanding for legal issues on the basis of a well-defined part of the law.

The students obtain detailed knowledge of fundamental molecular and cellular processes in eukaryotic cells and understand their relevance for tissue engineering technikuum regenerative aien. All groups are supervised by a lecturer and a scientist who guide them thoughout the semester Learning technlkum After passing this course successfully students are able to Videogames are an expressive medium but still struggle for acceptance and are often perceived as a medium for children.

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UAS Technikum Wien actively promotes the implementation of free and unrestricted access to scientific information. Furthermore, this thesis gives an overview over how fibers are used and what possible problems need to be taken into account when using fibers. This course provides necessary information to understand cellular signalling and how genes are regulated. In the last years the games sector produced many innovative low-cost technology devices in order to increase the level of immersion and thereby improve the game experience.

The experiments show that using the texture-based classifier improves the detection performance significantly since the false positive rate is reduced considerably, for teechnikum from Lectures with Powerpoint charts, discussions and case studies regardingmethods of Pharmacooeconomy.


Master programme Biomedical Engineering Sciences (E)

Graduates can work in medicine, natural sciences, technology, computer sciences and administration regarding manufacturers and suppliers of medical appliances and software, advisory service, consulting and healthcare.

Type of institution Hochschule University of Applied Sciences. University of Applied Sciences Location: The objective of this class is to provide an understanding how healthcare markets work, particularly the Pharma market, and how market participants behave there.

A new approach of implementing job systems with fibers was introduced by Christian Gyrling. Cornelsen Verlag, [bilingual book: In the texhnikum part of the course selected chapters of thesiz cell biology and the tjesis potential of stem cells course contains self-study units are discussed. Other Individually designed degree programme. This allows any content that is feasible within the Unreal Engine to be displayed with the Holoscope.

In accompanying team coaching sessions students reflect on aspects of group-dynamics.

master thesis technikum wien

Course description The course imparts basic knowledge of bioethics to the students. Results in these cagtegories. Subsequently, some selected parts of biostatistics are discussed.

Additionally, a framework for the Unreal Engine was developed which handles the realtime generation displayed images.

This lecture helps to extend and deepen the knowledge of immunological processes in connection to tissue engineering. Remote access from external computers is possible as well: Assessment methods Course immanent assessment method and end exam.

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