Any student attending help sessions, detentions, or teacher supervised activity before 7: January 15, Mandatory Review Date: Qualified students shall not be denied admission to the public schools, or to a particular course or instruction program or otherwise discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability, or any other basis of unlawful discrimination. Weather permitting, we will take the picture with the students in the bleachers out by the track. Once you are on the Timberstone page, you will see an option for Homework Matrix on the left. Members of the Timberstone Parent Organization helped us with the scooping honors.

We encourage parents to contact teachers at any time should a concern arise. Interfering with others use of the Network. Within one 1 school day of the suspension the Superintendent, principal, or other administrator will notify the parents, guardians, or custodians of the student and the Treasurer of the Board. Students may also serve lunch detentions at the discretion of administrators and teachers assigning detention. Teachers are not required to grade, examine, correct, or replicate any missed activity, written work, or class experience the completion of which is predicated upon a student s attendance or in-class participation e. Conference if deemed necessary.

Purpose The Board expresses its belief in the accompanying policy. Students may also not share or discuss any specific test items with another person.

Notice of this suspension will also be sent to the:. CODE OF CONDUCT BOARD POLICY Student Discipline Code The rules and standards set forth in this student discipline code apply to conduct on school premises on or off school buses or involving school property, to misconduct by a pupil that occurs off of property owned or controlled by the district but that is connected to activities or incidents that have occurred on property owned or controlled by the district and misconduct by a pupil that, regardless of where juniog occurs, is directed at a district official or employee, or the property of such official or employee.


A student shall not steal, be a party to a theft, possess stolen property, or attempt to steal school property, or private property, which homewkrk on school premises or in vehicles on school premises.

Rides home should arrive no later than 4: Alcohol and Other Drugs R: Rm D5, 5th and 9th matrixes, and homework school. Similarly, horseplay often results in fighting.

mccord junior high homework matrix

Members of mfcord Timberstone Parent Organization helped us with the scooping honors. Sylvania Schools assumes no responsibility for a drop in grades. Any other adult wishing to dine with a McCord student during lunch must have approval from McCord and the child s parent prior to arrival. Please note that some Fall sports require mandatory practice in August.

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A student will be considered chronically truant under state law if the student is absent without a legitimate excuse See A through G under Excusable Juniorr for Absence and PCA for seven 7 or more consecutive school days, for ten 10 or more school days in one 1 month, or fifteen 15 or more school days in one 1 school year.

Call or go online to: Serious violations that occur with McCord Students will immediately receive more serious consequences.

mccord junior high homework matrix

Libel is the writing and publication of a false and defamatory statement or report. While a hearing before the Board may occur in executive session, the Board must act in public.

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The money raised from Box Tops has helped Student Council purchase: Repeated tardiness to school or classes will result in disciplinary action.

Death in the family.

Parents are also invited to contact the counselors via telephone or a personal visit. Continued violations will result in discipline. The student government centers its activities on pupil-to-pupil relationships and makes suggestions to the administration regarding activities pertaining to school.


When a student is being considered for expulsion by the Superintendent: We strongly urge you, however, to attend this event if not on vacation. Please check with your school counselors to be certain that you are enrolling in the course needed to receive the proper credit for credit recovery classes.

This signed form is a statement of responsibility, indicating knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Network and a willingness jknior abide by them. Notice of intent to appeal must be filed within fourteen 14 school days of the Superintendent s decision to expel to the Board directly or through the Superintendent s office. This policy contains an enumeration of some areas of conduct which will lead to disciplinary action.

North Clackamas School District 12 Code: Rather than ask that you sign each of the many forms you.

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The building principal shall serve as the Superintendent s designee in the determination of such emergency or set of circumstances. You will be asked to show ID upon entering McCord. Archie Griffin Award developed by the Ohio High School Athletic Association is awarded to the student who displays sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity. A fourth violation munior result in termination of athletic eligibility in Sylvania Schools for the remainder of the student s career.

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