The whole poem is free verse, which signifies the freedom the poet now feels. This signifies the focus of the poem. Everything you need to know about selling on Stuvia. In theory, they personify immortality, Emerson, n. What is your topic? The metaphor works so well and through this comparison Duffy is able to really get at the heart of the feelings of a jealous person.

A woman reading this may think yes, how true of every man I have ever dated. Instead of becoming a monster in the eyes of others, she becomes one in her own. You feel the anger, the resentment, the bitter hatred in her poems and although they are predominantly negative, they show a woman in command of her spoken and written language who can use her skills extremely effectively. We discover a transformation in Medusa, a change of skin. Secondly that she now accepts to be seen or at last, that she declares her ability to paralyse men. She turns all these animals into rocks of different proportions, and each one is bigger than the one before.

It is said that multiple snakes symbolise duality, Emerson, n. The imagery in this poem is very powerful and disgusting to portray the terror that Medusa represents. They symbolize the bridge, Emerson, n. Carrol use of rhetorical questions is very effective in this poem, because it questions the reader and highlights the themes in the poem.

medusa carol ann duffy essay

Once again the things she is transforming grow in stature. But, what it does not do is say this directly. Therefore the pace is frequently interrupted and this portrays the feeling of ruination and decomposition which links to the esswy of Medusa turning the animals into rocks and therefore interrupting the flow of life.


Medusa – Carol Ann Duffy

Snakes symbolize protection, Emerson, n. Biography of Carol Ann Duffy.

medusa carol ann duffy essay

The word Gorgon symbolises her skin breaking down, as it gets older and impenetrable. Medusa uses allegorical caroo to express abstract sensations like love, using body parts, often personifying nature: If sadness reduces, anger increases. Is she really dreadful or just feeling so? But now we have another character from ancient folklore, the Medusa.

Analytical essay of the poem Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy – English Literature – Stuvia

Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay? Medusa is probably the most famous and feared woman in Greek mythology, and thus a perfect representation of female domination.

But, this man she once knew, her Perseus, is a deceitful man.

Snakes provoke fear, as they are dangerous, poisonous, like Medusa, especially to herself in the poem. It is packed with rhymes and half rhymes which gives the poem an easay musical flow. You could sort of imagine a ginger cat being turned into a red brick and a dragon into a volcano.

It could also refer to the expression: Gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone. By the end it is obvious that she has gained authority upon herself and therefore others.


Poem Analysis: Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy Essay Example | Graduateway

The tense changes to past tense because there is a story to be told in the next verse. Medusa takes a pause to reflect on herself. Medusa too, between desires and needs, for instance.

We will write a custom essay sample on. Although symbolism is everywhere, allegories are dominant in this text as well. The metaphor works so well and through this comparison Duffy is able to really get at the heart of the feelings of a jealous person.

Poem Analysis: Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy Essay

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medusa carol ann duffy essay

It is structured in seven stanzas of six lines plus a concluding and solo phrase: The best study guides. Thanks to the study guides written by fellow students specifically for your courses, you will never miss a trick when it comes to your exams. Get meduxa to this section to get all xnn help you need with your essay and educational goals.

This humour helps to ease the tension after the drama of the third stanza and creates a lull before a further harrowing crescendo.

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