Protagonist The main character of the story The hero or heroine The character we are rooting for Antagonist A character, group. Elements of a Short Story. She learned to adapt to her new body and to her new friends, new environment. Alice wonders if her father will appear different as well. Home Essays Character Sketch Example: This wasn’t her breath.

Newer Post Older Post Home. She keeps boasting about her new features compared to old body. Alice feels that appearance and personality are two divided parts. Elements of a Short Story. Wells, The Invisible Man.

mirror image by lena coakley thesis

Because of this she starts meeting new people and gaining new friends. She had to do a lot of adjustments to lnea up with all these problems.

mirror image by lena coakley thesis

Alice struggles to identify with Mr. Also, she said her body weighed much more than her old body meaning her new body is more mature. Jarred saw and talked to was not her daughter Gail, but a different person, her accent, the way she walks and even when he looked into her eyes.

The ethics of modern medical science, change and family relationship. Character Sketch — Alice. Auth with social network: Identity is the basic characteristics that determine a persons or things fact of being. Alice wants to read the diary as she had done in the past but Jenny feels she does not know her sister as she once had, and states she feels the need to know her better before she shares her inner most thoughts.

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Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Jarred for the first time. Alice describes her new body in omage detail comparing it to her old one Simile: Throughout the story, Alice tries to identify with who she is or who she has become, in search for her true identity. Her tone has changed. Alice recognized him from the news but not in the way he was seeing her.


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But the biggest symbolism is that the whole story demonstrates the inner struggle people have with finding their identity and their place in the world. Her twin sister Jenny is also quite upset and feels she is but a stranger to their home.

A limited time offer! Alice is shocked to the point that she asked Jenny whether fourteen years was not enough to know her. Jarred understood the harsh reality and sadly walked away saying that he would tell his wife that he did not see Gail in her eyes, but he did not tell Alice who he saw there.

She must discover what it is that defines her. It also explains the stress, regrets and disappointments and etc.

Often she felt there was someone else standing in front of her as her new image was different from her old one. About project Tehsis Terms of Service. Bedford Avenue – Bedford Avenue is very important to this story because it is at Bedford Avenue that Alice realizes she is the same person she was before the accident. A vignette is a short, impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or gives a trenchant impression about a character, an idea, or a setting.


She compares herself more implicitly with the actions, and movements of her twin imags Jenny, who struggles with her sisters constant searching for acceptance of her new image.

mirror image by lena coakley thesis

Often the short story novel assumes a set of rules or principles or facts and then traces their logical consequences in some form. After the operation Alice had to lots of adjustment as her mind and body were lacking proper coordination. The carefully chosen words in the story subtly bring out the possible consequences and the possible solutions to an advancement that can be done through modern science.

Alice awakes in the hospital and recognizes that everything she once knew had changed.

With new body many things change about her. If you believe you are beautiful then you are. Jarred realizes by looking into her eyes the soul — as previously mentioned that Alice is not Gail. She could now walk like a model which she could never do with her old body.

The parts are out of order forcing the reader to piece the sections together and figure out the details of the plot as the story advances.

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