In the accident, she loses her father and her body becomes completely distorted with only her brain in working condition. Alice too, confused, not knowing what to do, but somehow reassured that she belongs to the family where her brain belongs walked homeward. She still has her mind but not her body, “These weren’t her hands. Therefore, she was too sensitive to yet face her realities that were before her. The Jarred’s feel like they have been cheated out of their daughter. Mirrors in unexpected places would make her start to lose her nerve. Besides, it wouldn’t be her scream anyway.

This quotation reveals that she is going through a rough time and we know that her post-op recovery has made her a lot more physically and emotionally sensitive or even a pitch higher. She felt that he would “just look into [her] eyes and know who was in [there]. Jarred, and society — Alice is also at constant conflict with society and Mr. Nonetheless, the author also shows that out of the process of her struggle, Alice gains pride and grows as an individual and as a family member. Whose soul is that?

Alice was the first person in the world to survive a brain transplant. Alice has mixed emotions about everything that has happened to her. Also she decides to join the cheer leading team because she is confident in her new body. Jarred explains her view on the situation.

mirror image lena coakley essay

For example, given that a man discovers how to make himself invisible, what might happen? She explores the life of a girl, who appears to be searching for more answer about her and her life.


She often bit her tongue while talking. Their family has changed because they have lost a member of their family, their daughter.

The story is about self realization, the ability to form an opinion about oneself through the eyes of mirror around you.

It can also be a way a person feels around someone else. The reader comes to realize this when Alice was in the hospital because at first she struggles greatly on recovering her basic cognitive and motor skills: Alice in the Mirror Image.

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Would you like to get such a paper? Wells, The Invisible Man. She could now walk like a model which she could never do with her old body. This change is very hard on the family because to lose a family member is very heartbreaking. The short story “Mirror Image” illiterates this best with its different conflicts pertaining not only to physical attributes but also mental, emotional, and even spiritual factors as well. In “Mirror Image” there is a big change in two families.

The doctors took this precaution imagd for someone who was going through so much being awake for it all it could cause someone a tremendous amount of trauma. As Alice reflects on her situation she becomes only more and more confused. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

Alice begins to explore the lenna elements of her defining features, cokley mind and her soul.


mirror image lena coakley essay

If you believe you are beautiful then you are. The significance of this quote shows her curiosity about her new body and the way she explores how different her new body is and the new things that she is able to do compared to the one she was born with.

Mirror Image – Lena Coakley Essay Sample

Jarred who mistakes her to be Gail — his deceased daughter. Or if you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email. She felt that he would “just look into [her] eyes and know who was in [there]. At first the world was nothing but a mush of dark images, disconnected voices and prickly feelings all over her skin. Alice’s body, however, is often imagined by the reader to be lean and athletic. All Materials are Cataloged Well. Using our plagiarism checker for free you will receive the requested result within 3 hours directly to your email.

Alice struggled to find her true identity and what it was that made her Alice. Moreover there was nothing familiar in her eyes.

mirror image lena coakley essay

Alice radiates confidence regarding her new body. Everything around her seemed different.

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