If you wish, you can make a local copy and avoid the advertisements by downloading the course as a Kb zip file. One way of helping to ensure the quality of the material is use a search engine such as Google Scholar rather than Google. Do not treat this list as comprehensive. You can send comments directly to me or leave a comment see the links in the horizontal menu bar above. This is shareware software but you can try it before you buy it.

If you do decide to use them could you please let me know. Do not hope that some time will ‘turn up’, almost certainly other things will be more urgent or attractive! There really is no magic number. You are free to use these pages for educational purposes. You can also find peer-reviewed, open-access, material by searching the Directory of Open Access Journals.

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You can also find peer-reviewed, open-access, material by searching the Directory of Open Access Journals. However it would be polite if you acknowledged the original source and similraity.

mmu coursework similarity

The data sets are provided in a range of formats that should enable them to be used with most packages. Refining your search criteria to exclude irrelevant material. Using a general concept to solve problems in a particular situation; using learned material in new and concrete situations.

mmu coursework similarity

It is important that foursework recognise and obey the ‘rules’ of online communication. After all, you would not expect a friend to wander into a lecture to chat with you. This would clearly have an effect on similqrity time needed to mark the exams, which needs to be factored in.

The peer review process means that the content has been assessed by independent reviewers for its accuracy and quality. Clustering and Classification methods for Biologists Introduction and organisation. Most online units will assume that communication between students and the teaching staff is important.


coursewoek Much of this software is written for Apple Mac computers, but there are also some Window’s versions. A variation on the seen examination may be to provide some material ahead of the examination, such as a case study, and to say that questions will be set around that case study.

mmu coursework similarity

If you want students to work to a time constraint, as they might have to in the workplace, then you could release the question one to six weeks before the exam. A seen examination could be combined with an open-book examinationin which you allow students to bring in books or folders.

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Or you may kmu that some students do things like include the assignment brief in the appendix — which instantly results in a large percentage match if there is more than one student does this. Studying online Studying online is not the same as being in a classroom. No Things to think about The timing of the release of the question s is important.

They must also be relevant to the topic. The following sections provide some brief advice and links to more detailed information. It is sensible to look at the originality report and and check whether the colour coded sections may sumilarity have been correctly cited.

If you discover another interesting site please let me know. Students will of course be able to discuss the question in advance of the exam, and this may lead to some similarity of answers, just as you might find for a coursework assessment. Data analysis in community and coursweork ecology.


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You can send comments directly to me or leave a comment see the links in the horizontal menu bar above. The analyses are not based on a particular statistical program. You can do this if you learn how to search efficiently.

Education and Training document. In brief, you must fully acknowledge the sources for all of the material that you use.

Clustering and Classification methods for Biologists

Judging the value of material or methods as they might be applied in a particular situation; judging with the use of definite criteria. Although there are some similarities there are important differences in how you should approach your work. It is distributed free-of-charge upon request. Although you are more likely to come across references to Bloom’s taxonomy in educational research materials the concepts can be useful to help you to recognise the different levels of learning.

The usual rule of thumb for an exam question is that students should be able to sit and write the answer in half the time available for the question the other half of the time being for thinking and planning.

If you want students to think about the question throughout the module, then it could be released right at the beginning of the module and referred to regularly during the course. Instead you should make use of all of the available communication tools, such as discussion boards and email.

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