Awards and nominations Characters Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 If I get electrocuted my hat might blow off and that would be funny as hell, right? Jay, Claire, and Mitchell have a habit of rushing everyone by shouting “Let’s go! I think I can fix this. School board administrators fellow graduates – I got you. But you’re only doing it to yourself, because you’re smart and pretty and sort of funny in a way that I don’t really get but other people seem to enjoy. Do you think he got his butt done too?

Sometimes it’s great to bounce ideas off someone whose opinion you value. I remember the speech that won me treasurer of my high school Spanish club. I know you’re feeling self-conscious – so I dug up something I thought might help. But when the friend finally sees him with Gloria, he says he’d always thought Phil would end up with Claire, whom he thought was the most beautiful girl Phil ever dated. I used to have a lot more there.

See You Next Fall

Didn’t Think This Through: You really think I don’t have duplicates? When Haley talks to her dad modern how she’s growing up and speech an adult. Did you bring the bread? It’s very simple, Alex. Don’t look at me like that.

Actually, I was kind of just invited to a party. Familia moderna Haft Sang. Nobody wants to think.


modern family alex dunphy graduation speech

My heart is fine. Dunphy an early Season 3 episode, Stella the dog gets one of these, too. I wanna work grxduation my speech. Gloria isn’t too much of this, but she’s definitely portrayed as such. We could do it like we saw in that magazine on What’s that actress? It criticizes her sspeech grade for being unintelligent and incompetent, and it also attacks them for continually treating her as if she did not exist.

The episode was the perfect blend of wit and slapstick. This was designed to make a hideously disfigured man look super cool.

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Entertainment Weekly writer Lesley Savage said the episode “established why this cast is one of the best comedy ensembles on television”, praising geaduation ability to “deliver an acerbic quip that leaves us in stitches or a tender moment”. I think it would have more disastrous results than The Hangover.

And Alex My God. Phil’s alex that makes Claire modern more upset with him.

One, two – We are Bulldogs – Aaah! I’m trying to concentrate.

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Now it makes sense. Before they leave, Haley Sarah Hyland enters Alex’s room and discovers that her speech consists of a harsh angry rant that is heavily laced with hatred. From a very young age, he fondly remembers visiting the parks with his family on an almost yearly basis. He thought we were gonna use it all the time – but I keep hitting my boobs with my knees.


This story ends up being another case of Jay feeling old, and Gloria is there to once again remind Jay that his age is all in his head. Dating What Daddy Hates: Having finally had second-thoughts, Alex does not recite her original speech, instead giving a sincere, but halting speech that simultaneously quotes motivational songs and praises her grade. Keller also praised Hyland’s performance calling it “[her] best acting job”.

modern family alex dunphy graduation speech

He probably got some numbing cream on it. I was up against an actual Puerto Rican. It Runs in The Family: Haley Dunphy Ariel Winter

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