As a student, you should be clear at the outset of your graduate research about the conditions of all applicable agreements. The grant of permission to use data in your thesis does not give you the right to use the data for other purposes without permission. Contributors to the original ideas in a project are typically given the right of joint authorship of publications that report on the results of the research. If there are no errors, then a. Every effort is made to provide the student with the appropriate learning environment and skills required to succeed as an independent scholar in future positions.

Who owns the data produced in my research project? The relationship between funding and intellectual property rights depends on a who the funding body is, and b what the terms and conditions of funding are. When that occurs, questions can arise regarding its ownership. Hopefully the intended contents of each of the. You should be able to find more software by using your preferred search engine. What is the effect on the intellectual property that I create?

You can download them from the SGS Templates page. At the outset, it must be recognized that considerable variation in practice exists among graduate programs within the University. If your work was done as part of an ongoing research project, it should be expected that your results can be used, with appropriate attribution, in furthering the research activities of the supervisor and others working in the same laboratory or research group e.

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These guidelines provide some fundamental definitions, summarize current University of Toronto policy and procedures, and provide links to sources of further, more detailed, information. Funding agreements may have a number of provisions with respect to intellectual property rights, thexis information and publication. If you choose to install L a T e X on your own machine, then the Makefile in the metathesis.


mun sgs thesis guidelines

Intellectual property issues should be understood within the framework of research policies of the University of Toronto. For current policies, guidelines, forms, and useful website links, please visit the website of the Office of the Vice-President, Research at the University of Toronto and The Innovations Group. After downloading the metathesis. In all cases, one must provide appropriate attribution of the source of the data. If you are using an alternative operating system, there are several sites that contain software and information to help you install L gyidelines T e X on you own machine.

Intellectual Property Guidelines for Graduate Students & Supervisors

What is intellectual property? If the student anticipates concerns on this matter, he or she should inquire in advance of choosing the professor as a supervisor. If you are using pdflatex to generate your pdf file directly, then figures may not appear in the resulting file. It prevents anyone from copying, publishing, translating, or broadcasting a work without the copyright owner’s permission.

Accordingly, this document highlights the similarities – and distinctions – between the applications of intellectual property policies to individuals in various categories.

Who owns intellectual property that I create? Unlike commerical word processing software, a lot of L a T e X -related software can be legally downloaded and redistributed for free. Alternatively, to remove all the intermediate files, but leave the. Students have intellectual property rights and rights to protection under the copyright and patent regimes, provided they satisfy the requirements of the law. The University owns inventions that are created under the direction of a faculty or staff member specifically with the object of making the invention, that are created in the gguidelines of employment by an administrative or support staff member, or that are otherwise commissioned by the University under a written agreement with the inventor.


Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Students should always consult with their supervisors before removing data, or equipment or media on which the data are stored theesis University premises.

Intellectual Property Guidelines for Graduate Students & Supervisors

The grant of permission to use data in your thesis does not give you the right to use the data for other purposes without permission. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Who owns the data produced in my research project? You should be able to find more software by using your preferred search engine.

See the Resources section at the bottom sgss this page for more helpful sites regarding L a T e X.

mun sgs thesis guidelines

Donald Craig donald mun. The narrowest definition comes from copyright law and applies to collaborations in literary and artistic works in some of the humanities. I personally haven’t used L a T e X recently on either of these platforms. In this case, you xgs be named as a joint inventor in any patent application.

Disagreements about rights to senior or first authorship can be difficult to resolve. For most graduate students, the relationship between the student and supervisor is a productive collaborative activity.

All the formatting, page numbering, margins, sections, etc. However, it provides that where a work is created by an employee in the course of his or her employment, in the absence of an agreement to the contrary, the employer is the first owner of the copyright.

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