Raw data are not normally considered to be intellectual property in law. This revised, second version is once again a collaboration of the School of Graduate Studies and the Office of the Vice-President Research. Unless it is clear that your contribution was that of an employee following explicit directions, you are entitled to have your contribution recognized when you generate or compile data or results, even if someone else is the author of a publication and owns or jointly owns the copyright in the report. Moreover, if a research sponsor has rights to own or to license the results of the research, this may determine what freedom you and the other inventors or authors have regarding what will happen to the results of the research. What is intellectual property?

The University has policies that deal at length with specific aspects of intellectual property and the conduct of research. The University holds copyright in works created in the course of the student’s employment by the University or which are otherwise commissioned by the University under a written agreement with the student. There are various forms of legal protection, but the two which are most likely to be relevant in the University environment are copyright and patents. Like many legal instruments, the effectiveness of copyright and patent rights often depends on the willingness of owners to enforce their rights. When a graduate student who is working with a supervisor and supervisory committee makes an important discovery, who should benefit from the results?

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It is directed toward graduate students and graduate theeis members working with them, but we anticipate that it may also be of interest to a wider readership. If your work tempplate done as part of an ongoing research project, it should be expected that your results can be used, with appropriate attribution, in furthering the research activities of the supervisor and others working in the same laboratory or research group e.

There are various forms of legal protection, but the two which are most likely to be relevant in the University environment are copyright and patents. L a T e X is available on most Linux distributions via their respective package managers e.

Still other organizations, such as some charitable associations or foundations, or provincial Centres of Excellence e. However, if you were employed to do the work that constituted your contribution to the invention, you may be required tehsis assign any patent rights in the application to your employer.


Mjn right does my supervisor have to any discovery or invention I make? When you change into this directory, you will find all the necessary boiler-plate. Normally, the supervisor, in consultation with his or her co-authors, theais make the decision as to when or whether a co-authored manuscript should be submitted for publication and to what journal. The underlying causes of disputes can be complex but resolution can usually be obtained through discussion or negotiation through your department: The fact that a co-worker is not named sgx an investigator in a grant or contract under which the work was performed should not prevent him or her from being given credit as a co-author.

It is therefore important to characterize the terms of engagement of the particular student properly. It prevents anyone from copying, publishing, translating, or broadcasting a work without the copyright owner’s permission. The intent of this booklet, prepared by the School of Graduate Studies, is to address issues associated with intellectual property that arise in the most varied of circumstances, across all settings at the University of Toronto in which graduate education occurs.

This mmun will create a directory called metathesis-v2.

Under the University’s affiliation agreements sggs the teaching hospitals, the policy of the institution on whose premises the invention was made governs. If an inventor owns an invention jointly with the University, the inventor normally has a choice: In this model, only contributors to the form or expression of the work qualify; those supplying ideas normally do not. Where the student retains copyright, the University may be entitled to a share of revenue from the student’s commercialization of the work if the University has made extraordinary resources available to support the creation of the work, such as a direct investment of funding or the purchase of special equipment.

You may be a “joint inventor” if you make an original and substantive contribution to an invention. What makes an invention “new” is templage it has not been disclosed publicly prior to the filing of a patent application. Copyright does not protect ideas, teemplate rather the expression of such ideas. Whenever you are a co-author of a published work, you also egs a responsibility to understand the work in its entirety and to object to any mischaracterizations or misuse of the data.


Intellectual Property Guidelines for Graduate Students & Supervisors

There, a “joint author” is technically someone who has collaborated on a work in which the contributions of the various authors are not distinct from one another. Click on a page thumbnail to see a larger picture.

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If the invention is made on the premises of both institutions or agreement cannot be reached on whose policy applies, the policy of the institution that has provided the greater proportionate share of the salaries of the inventors governs. I personally haven’t used L a T e X recently on either tempplate these platforms.

Intellectual Property Guidelines for Graduate Students & Supervisors

Please turn on JavaScript and try again. If it resulted from activities performed as part of employment, payment for which was accompanied by a T4 tax slip, it is probably the University’s. Sometimes however, misunderstandings arise about the rights or obligations that students have with the University, the supervisor and other colleagues, a granting agency providing research support, or others with an interest in the research.

You can download them from the SGS Templates page. To ascertain which of these conditions apply, you should be aware of which organization is funding the research you do and what ownership rights the organization has on the results of your work.

Every effort is made to provide the student with the appropriate learning environment and skills required to succeed as an independent scholar in future positions.

mun sgs thesis template

You shouldn’t have to modify the thesis. The Canadian Copyright Act provides that the author of a work is the first owner of copyright. You should be able to find more software by using your preferred search engine.

This can be expensive.

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