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When she was in the hospital the day before and the morning of the Championships, the doctors told her that she is not allowed to compete, else she would greatly damage her wrist even more. At that time, she had no interest in defecting and said she wanted to go home to Romania. She and Conner were pioneers in pairs gymnastics. Comaneci was the first to discover his absence, and although she thought about following him, she felt that she could not leave her family. She also scored a perfect 10 in two events, a score no one had previously achieved. Reflecting the turmoil in Comaneci’s personal life, her performance at the Olympics in Moscow, Russia, didn’t measure up to her personal standards.

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A photographer, thinking the blond, handsome American and the tiny dark-haired wisp of a girl would make a nice picture, asked Conner to kiss her.

Retrieved August 19, She flips and twists this way and that across the beam.

But she recovers quickly and continues on with her near-perfect beam routine. Nadia dances around, trying to keep herself steady on this comanecl beam.

Nadia Comaneci — ‘I didn’t think winning Olympics would be such big deal’

She denied any such relationship and claimed that Panait was in fact controlling her life and her money and she felt helpless to escape from this new kind of bondage. Nadia cartwheels across the beam and jumps just as she lands the cartwheel, sticking a perfect double-full layout dismount. Shortly before attending the Olympic Games as a honored guest who traveled with the Romanian delegation that were held in Edsay AngelesCalifornia, she officially retired from gymnastics.


She lived with Paul Ziert, Conner’s coach and a friend of her former coach, Bela Karolyi, and his family.

Nadia Comaneci: ‘I didn’t think winning the Olympics would be such a big deal’

Retrieved December 19, By the age of six, she was already hooked on gymnastics. The team comaenci orders amid controversy and walked out of the competition during the event finals. She and her husband travel extensively throughout the country for exhibitions and commercial appearances, besides their work at the academy in Norman. In the competition, one male and one female gymnast represent each country in the meet.

nadia comaneci essay

Archived from the original esday April 2, When dealing with a compulsory routine execution has to be precise on every element to receive a perfect score. He bounced around the bus talking to everyone—he was incredibly friendly and fun. At that time, she had no interest in defecting and said she wanted to go home to Romania.

nadia comaneci essay

As a rising star, she was very young. New York Daily News.


nadia comaneci essay

Event scoring is now assessed according to the difficulty of skills included in a specific events routine and few routines even reach a difficulty value of The crowd goes wild as she raises her arms to signal that she vomaneci finished, and walks off the mat in great pain as the crowd loudly applauds this amazing Romanian gymnast.

Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Gymnastic exercises are quite popular in Rumania. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They charged that Panait, who was now posing as her manager, was a married man with children and that Comaneci was having an affair with him. Retrieved March 15, Mary Lou Retton A compulsory gymnastics event is one where every gymnast performs the same identical routine.

I needed to move on and find a better life for myself. At the age of 19, she participated in her last major essy. Retrieved September 6, First, her beloved coach, Karolyi, defected to the United States in There were six other Romanians who planned to trust him with their lives. So far, she has not performed a single trick that involves putting pressure on her pained wrist.

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