English essay linking phrases. According to Equation 6. During penetration of the larger simulated samplers Figure 7. It has long been believed, however, that the factors controlling the mode of penetration are more complex than this description would suggest, and that one or more unique loading mechanisms are associated with the onset of plugging. The recommended ETR based approach Figure 5. The resulting variation of CSg with D50 is shown in Figure 2.

A basic assessment of uncertainty and a comparison of existing grain size effect relationships to the new data are presented in the following sections. The number of secondary impacts and the proportion of energy transferred during those impacts tend to increase with decreasing rod length and blow count. The profiles demonstrate that the trend of increasing penetration energy with mean particle size is due to the presence of frequent peaks in the toe load profiles of the coarser samples. Continuing the reference identification scheme initiated for the CD data R1, R2, etc… , the contributing references are tabulated at the bottom of Table 6. Displacements must be continuous both within individual elements and between adjacent elements.

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The trend of penetration energy increasing with platen spacing that was observed in Figure 7. Jamiolkowski and Lo Presti Finally, it was demonstrated in Table 4. It is often assumed that SPT and LPT samplers will meet refusal in coarse materials, and this is reasonable for very coarse materials such as cobbles and boulders.

His conclusions were based dissretation on deformation patterns observed in layered clays. Chapter 9 summarizes the major findings and conclusions of the research, and presents recommendations for future research.

Nancy stolle dissertation

Limited data and the lack of a fundamental understanding of grain size effects have led to much speculation about how empirical correlations developed in sands could be used in gravels. Variation of LPT blow counts with grain size is assumed to be negligible.


As the ratio decreased below 28, the Q value increased.

Bethany Or Research Paper The FV method records all stress wave energy passing the measurement point over the integration period, which should be of sufficient length to allow stress wave activity in the rods to cease. Kulhawy and Mayne It is proposed that CD 0. nanfy

Nancy stolle dissertation

Nancyy possible ERr values are reasonably well represented by equivalent Normal distributions, descriptive Fi gu re 5. The prevalence of precision versus bias errors, and hence the applicability of the averaging effect, is also discussed.

nancy stolle dissertation

The plots confirm that the thickness of the zone in which concentrated particle displacement occurred was roughly the same in the two samples, but illustrates that the characteristics of the shear zones were significantly different.

The disseetation data exhibit a slope break well before the 7 mm mean grain size indicated in the numerical results.

Based on hammer impact velocities measured for a trip-release system by Kovacshe assumed that all trip- release hammers 55 Figure 3. Sampler plugging is often assumed to be the end-member grain size effect corresponding to very large soil particles, but a direct relationship between the variation of CD with mean grain size and sampler plugging has yet to be demonstrated.

Both types of arches are more likely to develop both in smaller samplers and in coarser samples. Appendix E contains a full listing of the data from each contributing reference and describes the vetting process that was followed. As a result, the ratio of shear zone thickness to particle size decreases with increasing D Upward propagating stress waves are generated in the rods when the original, downward propagating stress wave encounters a change of impedance such as a rod coupling or the sampler-soil interface.


The first half of this thesis has led to an assessment of the uncertainty of energy corrected blow counts. The average velocity energy ratio ERv avg is equal to 0.

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It was considered that a modest numerical investigation of the factors controlling grain size effects and sampler plugging would serve as a useful complement to the existing field and calibration chamber data. Myron Frankman, attended regular meetings, helped organize Forum on Learning. The following bi-linear relationship is proposed to describe the variation of the mean value: Equipment details are nncy for each test type in Table 6.

Friedrich-Ebert FoundationBonn, Germany. Do you play computer games essay. Op tio n 2: The uncertainty due to the typical value and direct measurement approaches is primarily due to bias error and is difficult to quantify.

While this can be explained by noting that emax — emin is inversely proportional to D50 in Equation 2.

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The dashed lines in Figure 6. It should be noted that Equation 6.

nancy stolle dissertation

During each hammer blow there is a period of time during which the measured force and velocity will be proportional as per Equation 2.

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